Mar 10, 2008

Yay for Condensation

So i've been enjoying the benefits of a condensed raid week a bit too much. Clearing all weekly farm content in 2 evenings is 100% the way to go. If we don't manage to pull it off again this week, I'll be pretty sad.

So I essentially took the weekend off from WoW. I didn't even log in once. This was partly due to my sis being in town and my husband's new found craze for Lost. This also means I haven't kept up with WI. Looking through my tip-filled email this morning, apparently one of the top whatever guilds have announced they're going casual until WotLK. Maybe WI has covered this, I don't know.

Either way, their tip came across as pretty QQ. They blamed Blizzard, saying that they hate raiders and pvp'ers because... They never do explain why. Why don't guilds like that just write the honest truth: they got bored farming MH/BT for 8 months and want to take a break for a bit. Maybe they should have thought of the consequences before they decided to race to the finish line. It's not like Blizz doesn't have a long history of rather spaced out content. But rather than just chilling out, they try the blame game and attempt to stir up drama.

Get over yourselves. No one really cares, tbh.


Christopher said...

I still think it's stellar that you guys rocked the full farm circuit in 2 days. That's a true achievement if ever there was one in the game. Sounds to me like you deserved your break!

Daniel covered the tip you reference here: WI Link

And you're right, the post is very QQ. The poster, in some great twist of irony is accurately named "Failure", went on to decry Blizzard's shift to the casual, in his eyes.

I have a simple three-step program for Mr. Failure and his band of sobbing losers:
Step 1 - QQ me a river.
Step 2 - Build a bridge over said river.
Step 3 - Get over it.

I'm no end-game raider, so I can't pretend to have any perspective on Blizzard's alleged shift to the casual, but what I do see is a group of gamers who has apparently lost their purpose, not only in-game, but in life as well. With so much time invested in the game, no doubt they feel slighted by Blizzard, but what's really important here? This is still a game, right? And this discontent is coming from a small segment of the top 0.05% of all content-clearing players? Pardon my indifference, but Blizzard makes money on pleasing the majority, because that's how you milk a cash cow.

I think Daniel's point is a solid one. The nature of the MMO means you can never truly win. You can't beat it. If you aren't happy showing off the gear you've acquired and the things you've done -- which, on the record, is immensely cool to those of us still plodding along in Karazhan, thank you very much -- then you desperately need a new hobby. Preferably something that makes you happy.

Raiders, I love you, I really do. But seriously, some of you really need to get over yourselves.

Valyre said...

My philosophy on the whole Raider QQ'ing is as follows:

1) Give the heroic badge masses Tier X equivalent gear if it makes them happy. They know it's from badges, and I know it's from badges. It's not some sort of secret. My epeening can continue unabated.

2) Make raiding items available to the masses (i.e. gems, gear crafting items, etc,). Are these things the reason the masses aren't in MH/BT? Nope. Plus last time I checked, raids are in this thing I like to call an "Instance". It's not like I'm racing other guilds to Illidan every week (although, that would be kinda cool).

3) Let people be proud of their characters, whether they raid or not. Just because I spend my time raiding, that doesn't mean it's for everyone. But no matter what you like, you should have the opportunity to make your toon better.

4) Take out the attunements. If you can't make bosses progressively harder on their own rights, this is a cheap way of compensating. Glass ceilings ftl imo.

I summary, I raid because it's fun and I get to down bosses. I also get gear like 1k times easier than those people that are griding 100 heroic badges per item. None of the Patch 2.4 changes affect any of those things in the least.