Mar 7, 2008

Friday! W00t!

So I've managed to narrowly survive another week. There was no post yesterday due to an extreme amount of stuff I had to get done at work combined with yet another migraine. /sigh

In other news, I had planned on spending last night's raid sleeping on the couch but we were short healers so I logged in. I was promised "only the first couple of bosses" lol Yeah, right. I helped the group from Teron through Illidan. I'm pretty sure that's 6 out of 9 bosses, kk. On the bright side, I picked up a new ring, [Blessed Band of Karabor], which was one of only 2 drops that people paid DKP for. It was a solid upgrade from a +healing perspective and I only gave up a small amount of mp5. So last night with normal raid buffs but no consumables, I was at +2200-ish healing. I'm also pushing the 13l mana mark with something like 12,888 mana. Rediculous.

Since January 7th, the first time we downed Mother Shahraz, we have seen 3 conquorer shoulders drop but TONS of double protectors. Those shaman blah blah items have dropped so many times that people are now rolling on the tokens for S2 stuff that doesn't even come out until Patch 2.4. So right now, the chance we have of seeing my shoulders is 17%, or 1 every 6 clears. /cry

The irony here is the conquorer pants drop pretty much every single time off Council, but then it's more protector off Illidan. It's getting really frustrating by this point.


jim said...

We had a phenomal raiding week this week, far and away our best ever. We cleared all of Mt Hyjal and the first 3 bosses of BT on Wednesday in 3.5 hours, and then we cleared the last 6 bosses of BT last night in another 3.5 hours. That's 7 total hours to clear both zones with virtually no wipes. Thanks for toughing it out last night, because we couldn't have done it without your healing.

Concerning the loot, we have had terrible luck with getting the exact same token drops over and over, so that some classes are beyond done and others are starved. You are correct in that we only had 2 items bought with DKP through Mother Shahraz, but 3 things were bought off of Illidan, and I think 2 things off of Council.

With Conqueror in particular we've had terrible luck on Shoulders. I did the math on two token drops for three types of tokens. Basically for each raid there is a 44.4% chance of single Conqueror and 11.1% chance of double Conqueror. Over the long haul that equals a rate of 66.7% Conqueror drops for each raid (on a single basis). Our luck is bound to improve eventually.

gt said...

I feel your pain with loot luck. My regular Kara team has seen healing maces drop the two times when I haven't been able to attend and every other time I have been there and its bone dry.

Sometimes the WoW loot randomization gods have a mean sense of humor.