Mar 14, 2008

Not Much This Week

I haven't posted my normal amount this week because I haven't been WoW'ing much. No game, no game stories, sadly.

On the bright side, I ran with the BT group last night since Thursday's = short on healers. Things were pretty normal until the end of the Terron Gorefiend phase. On that fight, he sticks a debuff on you that turns you into a ghost shrimp. Once hat happens, 4 constructs spawn around you and start heading for the raid. Only ghost shrimp can kill the constructs, but constructs can damage the raid pretty severly.

Well, I was the last one to get the debuff, and while I was waiting to shrimp up, they defeated Terron and started the loot process. I figured that prolly cleared my debuff, so after a few seconds, I took a few steps towards the raid. Well, that's when I transformed and with half the raid already heading out the door, the constructs ran in all directions. I tried the best I could and got them all killed except the last one. It only needed shot 1 more time and it would have died, but my ghost shrimpness timer ran out. I watched from my corpse as the last construct wiped the raid. >.<

So we won, but I still managed to wipe us. lol

1 comment:

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