Mar 18, 2008

Tuesday, No Patch

Apparently the buzz in the WoW community has been that Patch 2.4 would come out today. To my knowledge, it hasn't. So I have at least 1 more week of minimal raiding. The break has been fun and I'm looking forward to having progression fights again. The fun in raiding is learning new fights and downing new bosses. And this is the first time in my history of playing the game that I can say that from experience. Farming is boring.

Battle Pig of Doom and Random Ground Sniffing completely pwned the 5-man boss last night, despite the fact that neither of us remembered to use the special weapons that do extra damage to the guy. My husband did some key healing and I managed to pew pew my heart out ftw.

Deatholme, aka Baby Strat, also got nuked in the process. Half the time BPoDoRGS was under the influence of a poison that made him less than knee high to a belf. Now that's one small pig, so it was pretty hilarous watching him charge and tank things. He's also so bright and sunny looking with his yellow hair against the Ghostlands backdrop. I smile just looking at him.

We ended the night at level 21 and I picked up ice trap. :D

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Christopher said...

Can we expect Mr. Eddie B. Podorgs to get pictorial treatment on the blog, now that he's a superstar?

I'm not surprised 2.4 didn't land today, to be honest. I generally find that whatever the majority opinion is, you can safely add a week or two to get the true launch date.