Mar 17, 2008

Hello Again

It's another week and with my husband's obcession with Lost on hold until the new BSG season comes out tomorrow, I'm hopeful I'll get some WoW'ing in this week.

Over the weekend there isn't much to report. We finished off Illidan last night on the 2nd try. Afterwards one of our resto druids told us in O chat that he's basically burned out on that char and would prefer to play his rogue. Sadly, we already have too many rogues (which he knows), so I think the plan is for him to switch mains when the next expansion comes out. Yeah, that's prolly months away but it was the best we could do. We really do have a ton of rogues atm.

In alt news, we got almost 2 levels on our Horde hunter/pally. I corpse jumped out to Westfall and got Eddie the Battleboar all trained up with the latest in pig skillz. He's pretty awesome and his aggro generation is amazing with Charge. Eddie's turned out way better than I had even hoped for. He's also hilarious with his bright yellow hair and the way he wiggle-runs. The true test will be if he can tank a quest mob designed for 5 people. muhahaha


Christopher said...

Hooray Eddie! I look forward to seeing his 1337 battleboar skillz (of the mad variety, naturally).

I've seen some hunter pets do some amazing things. Once, a hunter friend and me had to kill that dragon up in Shadowmoon Valley, but we couldn't find a group (they suggest five people, but we all know how that goes sometimes). So I suggested we just try to 2-man it. After he established that I was completely off my rocker, he agreed. His pet tanked the dragon while he spanked it, and we won! While the pet AI lacks the abilities that a player would have, we were both surprised at how good of a tank his pet made.

Let me ask you something somewhat pertaining to your druid wanting to be a rogue. Do you guys usually raid with a lot of melee DPS? I ask because we tried a Karazhan run this weekend with a whole boatload of melee DPS and let me tell you, it was not fun at all. Healing that run was the first time in a while that I actually felt overwhelmed by the whole experience, since we usually have a bunch of ranged DPS instead. Compounding matters was a newbie priest as my OH who had next to no experience healing anything above the Outlands 5-man dungeons. ~sigh~

gt said...

In strange irony, a couple months back our rogue class leader rolled a resto druid and completely switched mains.

(BSG. I meet season 4 with fear and excitement. Favorite TV show of all time. I expect to show up for raids jabbering nonsense about cylon physiology and driving everyone mad.)

Valyre said...

We run with minimal melee dps in raids, something to the tune of 2 rogues, 1 dps warrior, 1 ret pally, and 1 enh shaman. We use 1-2 feral druids for OT'ing.

Melee has little love in the BC raiding world. There's just too much stackable utility with the ranged dps, with maybe the exception being more than 2 hunters. I wrote something up for Ready Check a while back that covered this topic. At least I think I did...