Mar 20, 2008

Stuff and Things

So we hit up MH and the first chunk of BT last night in a blaze of light and glory. Ok, not really. We did manage to 1-shot everything we tried and I only bit the dust once when some trash became too fond of me. I picked up a new shield that's probably 2nd best in the game right now, short of the one off Illidan. Too bad it's for tanking. :P I also snagged a couple of JC patterns and had to pick up the gem recovery slack since apparently our guild JC'er has dropped mining for BS.

The common perception is Patch 2.4 will hit next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to some new raiding content plus new dailies and a 5-man. As it stands right now, the only thing my pally needs is a bit more Sha'tar rep so I can use the Shatt Mighty Resto flasks. Beyond that, I could farm for gold but there's nothing else I want. The patch will give me new things to try outside of raids.

Also with Patch 2.4 comes 2 pieces of healadin gear, Sunblessed chest and gloves, that are best in-game and are BoP crafted by blacksmiths. The next closest chest has haste instead of crit. So I need to decide how important having top-of-the-line gear is to me. Comparing it to the T6 chest (which I don't have), the net stats for the craftable chest are -2 stam, +13 int, +6 crit, -1 healing, and +8 mp5. Comparing the Sunblessed gloves to the T6, the net result is -2 stam, +2 int, +34 crit, +0 healing, and -3 mp5. The lack of crit on the T6 gloves is a known issue. Some try to get around it with the S3 gloves but then you're giving up about +30 healing for a bit over 1% crit.

I guess at the end of the day, the upgrades with the crafted gear just aren't enough to make me switch professions, especially since it would leave me without a gathering option and these are the only 2 pieces in the entire game worth making. One could assume that the expansion would contain more craftable healadin gear, but BC sure didn't.

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gt said...

Mmm, Healtank? I jest!

I kind of loathe BS. It always seems like the best patterns never drop and by the time you finally make something you get a better drop in a raid.