Mar 27, 2008

Tried Sunwell Plateau

So we went into the Sunwell Plateau last night and spent the first hour clearing trash. These packs of mobs aren't your typical tank, spank, and AoE. We had to understand what they were doing, why the one was running over to tag the nearest robot, and wtf we could do to reduce the amount of raid damage.

If this is the face of raiding now, I need to really rethink how I play. We went in with 8 healers, 2 of each class. It didn't take me too long to figure out that I needed to be using at least rank 9 Lights, if not max rank in some cases. This type of healing is painfully slow after months of Flash spam. In an interview of one of Nhilium's resto shammies over on WI, he made a comment about how haste gear made a significant difference in PTR healing. After healing last night, I'm starting to lean that way myself. I need to sit down and re-evaluate my gear wish list.

I'm also a bit worried about how my guild's progression through the SW will affect how people veiw me on WI. When I first started writing for them, we were only a couple of bosses from Illidan. Within a couple of weeks, we had beaten the game. Now we're at the bottom again, and while I think our guild is excellent and has high-quality players, we're not out to win the "I beat it first!" gold star. This means tons of guilds will finish the game (again) while we're still working on it. And I need to still seem like an authority on raid healing when I haven't seen all of the content. Paranoia ftl.

I have a WI post going out today at 1:30pm on what raiding is like post-Patch 2.4, plus my insights into the SW and what we saw there.


Jim said...

I wouldn't worry about our guild's progression in Sunwell affecting your ability to write a good raid healing column. Don't forget that your target audience is all WoW raid healers, including T4, T5, T6, and beyond. The vast majority of your readers aren't in Sunwell, and thus any learnings from that tier of raiding aren't as useful to them.

Last night's raid went pretty well overall. We got Kalecgos as low as 30%, and we got 4 high-quality epic trash drops.

Valyre said...

For some reason I like to shorten his name to Kale instead of how you'd pronouce it as Kal. I guess I secretly think it would be funny if his real name was Kale C Gos but Blizz's naming rules prevented him from using caps or spaces.

Today's letter verification is "plzgtw", which means "please, got to win". Blogger wants us to down Kale C Gos!!!

gt said...

Agreed that paranoia is ftl. Don't worry too much about feeling authoritative as you have progress through faaaaaar more content than the majority of readers.

Being IN the Sunwell25man is pretty insane to say the least. Looking forward to wipe stories! (and downs of course!)

Zero said...

So, I'm not exactly a long-time reader (this is my second, I frequent bananashoulders more) but I'm currently stuck. I've been looking for a good list of gears for a holy pally (currently at 1230 +heal) and we're aiming for Zul'aman. Got a list of gears so that I can bump it higher? Some trinkets, rings, enchantments, and gems would be nice. Had a nightmare googling them up.

I'd like to see your gears (as a guide) but I can't seem to access wowarmory, so a basic list would be nice..

p.s: mail me at