Mar 31, 2008

Busy Weekend

I think I've played more WoW this weekend than I have in a long time. Where to begin...

I'll start with the boring stuff. I got my hunter to level 30. Like BRK has posted on his blog, there's definitely been a change to Battlepigs of Doom and how hunter mana regen works. Neither change was for the better, imo. Eddie now generates significantly less damage after charging. I also regen mana a lot slower. This means between the two of us, it takes about half again as much time to kill things. It also makes killing mobs that are 5 levels above me near impossible, where as before I could pull it off. If they were trying to make leveling a hunter less fun and more on par with other classes, they've taken a solid step in that direction.

In the land of healadins, I managed to heal through both a regular and heroic MT over the weekend. I've also been doing the dailies with my husband so I'm part way through honored with SO. I need revered to pick up the JC recipies and exalted to get the helm enchant options. The other two JC'ers in the guild are already at revered, so it's another instance where I'm lagging behind profession-wise.

Heroic MT was rough, but I managed to keep it together long enough to help the group win. We had a warrior, lock, ret pally, and hunter. The first 3 are raiding mains, so they're in a mix of T5/T6. The hunter is an alt sporting Kara/T4. That gave us 3 CC's since the ret has imp hammer that lasts something like 15 sec (don't quote me on that). I even helped with CC by fearing the demon on the 5 pull boss fight.

The important lesson I learned was I needed salv. Otherwise I would spend every pull tanking the casters. I started to have holy priest flashbacks because I was dying every other pull there for a bit. At one point the tank asked if everything was alright back there. I meekly replied "Uh, no." and then croaked again. Good times.

None of us seemed to be on our A-game, either. I backed into a pack of mobs and wiped us. The tank ran off to pull the next pack, not realizing we still had one trapped in the back. On one fight attempt, hammer, trap, and fear all resisted.

Later last night we spent 4 hours wiping to SP trash and Kalecgos. There seemed to be a higher than normal amount of QQ'ing going on, and irritation levels were kind of high because we were wiping on things we had done a number of times before. For example, we wiped like 5 times on 1 trash pull because the bird thing kept pathing too close to the Giant Green Robot of Doom, activating him and pwn'ing the raid. We've done this pull at least 5 times.

It didn't help that mid-way through a former guildie whispered me, trying to convince me to invite him into the guild. In the 40-man raiding guild before this one, he was a raider who was dropped to the "Friends and Family" rank because of low attendance. Honestly, though, he wasn't a good warrior imo. Plus, that rank was nothing but a thorn in the officers' side. It got to the point that you couldn't even ask for help in a 5-man over guild chat because you didn't want to play with half of the people in that rank. They weren't good players and a chunk of them believed that being in that rank was equivalent to being on the farm team. And they wanted to know when they'd be able to raid with us.

When we decided to start a new guild for 25-man raiding, the officers were unanimous in voting the F&F rank off the island. The benefit wasn't even remotely in the same ball park as the hassle. Instead we created a Veteran rank for raiders that could no longer meet our attendance. So these are good players that had already raided with us. Well, former guildie wants to be in the guild as a Veteran. He promised me everything from not talking on guild chat to rubbing my back and bringing me coffee if I let him in. Um, no. As soon as we open that can of worms, we're right back where we were before. If I let the warrior friend in, we either have to start bringing in everyone else's friends or we get slammed for favortism.

When he saw that bribery wasn't working, he switched to emo with "I just wanted it to be like old times. :(" I am cold and ruthless. Your QQ'ing has no affect, sorry. Plus I was a bit busy healing a raid that was getting hit with 4k chain lightning.

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