Mar 26, 2008

Link Additions

I wanted to make a quick update post. I've added links for my hunters' pets on the right. They're nothing glamourous and really just show you what they look like.

More importantly I've put up a link to Valyre's Loot Rank page. Basically it's a list of gear upgrades based on my stats criteria. I was a disbeliever until I saw how easily I can compare different gear rather than sifting through WoWHead. It picked up on some badge gear I should consider plus a new JC necklace. There are plenty of other templates on the site, too, if you're a different class and looking for a place to start. Thanks to Big Bear Butt for bringing the site to my attention.


Jim said...

I was just looking at your Lootlink. Very interesting stuff. One thing you'll want to do is assign some value to Spell Haste. Right now Blessed Band of Karabor ranks lower than alot of other rings because Spell Haste value is set to 0. I have no idea how you should scale it relative to the other stats though. I'd also recommend assigning at least some small value to stamina since it's useful for survival.

On the Prot Warrior front, I had no idea where to start on what values to assign to different stats. I mean, I understand clearly the value of each stat. I just didn't know how their calculation formula worked. Luckily for me, there was already a prot warrior template on the forums. I used that, and it seemed reasonably accurate. Sadly there isn't one for Holy Paladins.

Studying the Prot Warrior template, I'd venture a guess that it actually multiplies the number you input by the total of the statistic. For example, it had a very low value for armor compared to stamina for me. I don't think that's because the template creater thought armor wasn't important. I'm guessing it's because it's multiplied by my armor value which is around 18,000. Obviously my stamina is a much lower number, so gets a smaller multiplier. At least that's how I think it works. I really wouldn't know how to construct my own template without knowing for sure.

Valyre said...

I didn't know what to do with haste so I left it off. It really doesn't impact me unless I get at least around 100 haste. This is because I spam Flash and any less than that doesn't register.

Roughly 100 haste is about 4 items worth. I only have 1 item now, the ring. So in the big scheme of things, I want crit more. This puts the gear program at odds because you typically either get crit or haste. So if I did add it, crit would pwn it's effectiveness anyways.