Mar 26, 2008

Sunwell, I has it!

So I took my pally out to visit the newly added belf island, along with 20k of my favorite server friends. The frame rates were pretty bad and there were bodies covering nearly every inch of ground. We did the normal 5-man and it was pretty fun, although the Kael fight at the end didn't seem to last very long.

At this point in my gaming career, 5-mans seem much harder to heal than any 25-man. This is because I'm the only healer and when you're used to relying on 7 other people, it feels awfully stressful. I found myself getting pretty irritated when someone would die, and it took a couple of pulls before I caught on that max and max-2 rank Lights were probably my best option. The damage was just too high and too spread out across the group to do otherwise. This is radically different from raid healing, to be sure.

After that first normal run, my husband asked if anyone else still needed to get in on the action so they could unlock heroic mode. Both a resto shaman and a holy pally wanted to go, so I bowed out and logged onto my hunter. My husband ended up doing 2 more normal runs to get people their heroic status. We also had a group running in heroic mode and besides linking lewts, they reported that the bosses were no joke.

The biggest issue of the evening was Omen screwing up. For one mage, every time he crit, Omen would error. In the end he just had to disable it. Also, if the window isn't big enough, it won't show any data. For some reason, while I was grouped, I could only see the aggro of the hotile mobs and not my own party mates. My group could see me, though, and that's all that mattered. Later when it was just me and Battlepig oDaRS, it worked just fine. We're going to need to get this resolved for the raid tonight.

I also updated Grid, Scrolling Combat Text, and Pallypower since the first 2 use the combat log. I was behind the times on PP, unrelated to Patch 2.4, so I just grabbed a copy. When you update SCT, your settings get reset to default. And for some reason, I couldn't get the menu to work (kept erroring when I tried to bring it up), so I was stuck like that with all these icons flying around my screen.


jim said...

I enjoyed my 3 runs through Magister's Terrace on normal. Being a new instance, it was quite fun. Each run only took like an hour. Of the 3 runs, the middle run was the smoothest because of the amount of CC. With a mage, hunter, and warlock we could always CC at least 2 and sometimes 3 mobs per pull.

I'd like to do a heroic version sometime soon, but only with a well-balanced group. That means lots of the right kind of CC and also a healer with HoTs and/or group heals for Kael.

Valyre said...

I like how you first kick me with "the group without you was better" paragraph and then punch me while I'm down with the "and on heroic, I'm not taking you then, either." lol