Mar 25, 2008

And the Ruckus Begins!

So, as you probably know, Patch 2.4 hit today. It's going to be a mad house out on belf island tonight, and I plan to be in the thick of it. :D

Along those lines, I asked WI for an extension on my Raid Rx article. I'd prefer to write it on Thursday, after I've tried out most of the content. From what I've seen, the actual patch notes are different than what had last been seen on the PTR. I'd rather have what I write be from personal knowledge, anyways. Besides that, I'm swamped at work and allergies are kicking my arse. I just don't have time to write something quality right now.

Last night I played my hunter for a level, effectively finishing all of the Splintertree Post quests, including a red one that Foz helped me with. By that point I was feeling so tired and miserable (darn you blooming trees!), I grabbed the livingroom comforter and faceplanted on the couch. About 30 min later, I hear a plea for my healing assistance coming from the computer room. So I burritoed myself up in the blanket and provided some healorz for a couple of 5-mans. We were trying to get our guild alch a recipe but it wouldn't drop. Afterwards I hearthed and crawled back to the couch.

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Christopher said...

During allergy season, it may behoove you to set your bind point to your couch. The innkeeper, Frodie von Vandenkitteh, should be able to help you with that. In the event that you've destroyed your hearthstone, check a nearby litterbox.