Mar 21, 2008

Almost the Weekend

Last night was a bit unusual for us. We only had 6 healers at raid invite time, so we asked our ret pally to respec holy. He was a raiding holy priest pre-BC so he understands the basics plus he knows all the fights. The downside was only 2 pally buffs total. The few times we've had to do this sort of thing during our raiding career, we always get the same result: the person that respecs will heal for about half of our normal healers.

And last night was no exception. Luckily one of our resto shamans logged in after the 2nd boss, so we were running at 7.5 healers until Council. By then, one of our regular healadins had logged on so we grabbed him and the ret went back to ret.

The outcome of the evening was I actually healed more than normal. There were a number of times I had to sit down and drink after a trash pull. I also tended to use up my entire mana bar on boss fights. It makes me wonder if we're bringing a little more healing to raids than is really needed. We wiped a couple of times on Bloodboil but I don't feel like that was a healing issue. The problem is and always has been having the wrong people taking the dot, and it usually defaults to stacking on a healer.

I'm itching to play my alt horde hunter, but my husband doesn't seem to be feeling his pally. Right now he would prefer to watch the last season of BSG I think. He told me this morning that he needs to decide whether he's going to commit to leveling his pally up to 70 or not. If he is, then we should play those chars more. And if he isn't, I need to know so I can work on my hunter solo.

My hunters are really, really fun to level up and I've enjoyed having a pet far more than I expected. Just like any alt, I've thought about what it would be like to switch to a hunter main when WotLK comes out. It seems like we always have a shortage of high attendance hunters anymore. My main concern is a hunter wouldn't be as fun to play in a raid setting. I also really enjoy healing, but you need a group to do that. I'm also not sure I'm cut out for the dps rat race where I'm constantly watching my progress on the meters and trying not to pull aggro.

It would also mean I'd eventually need to swap out Eddie, BPoDaRS, for a real dps pet like a cat or ravager. On the bright side, I'd want to be a ranged dps'er over melee any day of the week. I also think I could learn the class enough to be good at it. I just worry about going back to dps after hating it so much as a rogue to begin with. The main thing I hated was the extreme selfishness of that class, which isn't the case for hunters, but would I got bored out of my mind spamming a shot rotation macro 24/7? At least with Flash I get to change up my targets constantly. I'd also be leaving behind all my healer friends for basically a non-group of 2-3 people.

Right now my plan is to stay a healadin. All of this stuff about hunters is just theory and conjecture.


Christopher said...

I can't help but feel at least partially responsible for your growing desire to play your hunter, without much outlet to satisfy. Neither M nor I have spent much time on our Hordie lowbies, whom we created for the purpose of playing with the two of you. It's not for lack of love, I assure you. I genuinely enjoy my druid, but I think she may be in the same boat as Jim when it comes to playing her rogue. Part of me believes she does enjoy herself, but she still seems lukewarm on the issue. She's used to playing a hunter, which basically amounts to rolling your face on the keyboard to kill things quickly. Rogues are much more subtle, and require more thought, in my estimation. That's not to say that hunters are by any stretch of the imagination easy to play, it's just that rogues can be difficult until you work out a concrete gameplan.

So much to play, so little time...

Valyre said...

I guess my perception of rogues is the complete opposite. You sneak and open with Cheap Shot and use those combo points for Slice and Dice. From there you spam Sinister strike and refresh SnD everytime it's almost up. Eviserate if you have extra combo points. Wash, rinse, repeat. This is what I used to do for solo play back in the day anyways.

And that's what I'm afraid a raiding hunter will be like. I'll just do the same things over and my goal will be to win the damage meters, not down the bosses.

Either way we're probably going to end up playing our alts more than you guys because we just play WoW more. I want to get my horde hunter to level 70 either way so I can test my skills in 5-mans. And if I was really good, I might be able to get in on my guild's Kara alt runs or something. Or just PvP, I don't know.