Mar 24, 2008

One Last Hurrah!

So the common consensus is tomorrow is Patch 2.4 day. Tonight is the last evening you can enjoy all that Patch 2.3 brought you before a whole host of belfs fall on your head. Good luck!

In other news, I got my hunter to level 26 last night. Fozec has decided that leveling an alt, be it pally or otherwise, just isn't for him. So I'm going it alone with the exception that he'll run me through any 5-mans I need. Last night we did 1.5 runs of Blackfathom Deeps. I snagged around 5-6 gear upgrades so it was definitely worth it. We also discovered a boss under the temple that we didn't know about before. lol

I'm working on finishing up the quests in Splintertree Post right now. I should be able to clear the satyrs I need for the last 3 quests out there. Then I'll be done and head back to Tarren Mill to finish up things with them.

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