Mar 4, 2008

Long Tuesday

I've been having a really hard time remembering what day it is lately. I got up this morning and my first thought was "Man, I'm so tired and we have a raid tonight." Did I think it was Wedesday? Yep. But it's a semi-glorious Tuesday. I'm happy because we can goof off all evening, but have a touch of sadness because I have class until 6:30pm to endure first.

I think the reason I thought it was Wed is because last night while we were pwn'ing RFC with our lowbie alts AND our rl friends, said drood commented that we should be able to meet up for instance fun every Tuesday. Yes, my brain will latch onto random remarks like that rather than actually remembering that it was Sunday just the day before.

We first attempted lowbie WC as level 17's. Trying to 4-man level 19 elites wasn't a good idea apparently. After some touch-and-go pulls and a wipe, we retreated to the lava hole under Ogrimmar. The Burning Blade will be recounting our exploits for years to come, at least the few left will. We got a couple of upgrades, so it was worth the bloodshed imo. I also got to play with my pig in an OT capacity and he did really well for only having level 4 abilities. >.< I need to sneak some time in to get him trained up.

Speaking of which, when I found out we were going to do a 5-man, I instantly started to go into raid prep mode. I stocked up on the good drinks, grabbed some pet food, bought arrows until my quiver was full, and repaired. I also noted how many pots I had (healing and mana). Then I grabbed enchanting and the next tier of First Aid, though the +40 bandages I already had were probably fine. All of this was for RFC. lol I'm a crazy person.

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Jim said...

I'm glad that you brought all of those consumables, considering I forgot and had to bum drinks off of you. :D

When we tried Wailing Caverns, we were actually level 16 at the time. When I saw that the first mob was level 19 I knew we should come back later. With us being 3 levels below the mob, our tank was susecptible to crushing blows.