Mar 5, 2008

Hunter Plan of Attack

On my first hunter I flew solo, so it didn't matter if I was grinding as fast as my little cat could claw her way through mobs or if I spent the evening staring at the art on the inn walls. But with my new hunter being paired with my husband's pally, I feel like the only time I can get hunter stuff done is if it's for a hunter quest. Otherwise we just keep pushing through content.

Well, it's gotten to the point where I need to stop and smell the pet abilities. Eddie the pig is sitting with rank 1 of half the talents he should have and almost 60 training points. He's supposed to be sporting mostly rank 3's. lol So here's my stable/tame/learn/abandon plan.

- Ghostclaw Ravager, cat, 16-17, Ghostlands all across the southern part

- Elder Mtn Boar, 16-17, Loch Modan eastern side
- Great Goretusk, 16-17, Redridge Mtns. south western side

As you can see, in order to get charge and gore, I'm going to have to venture into Alliance lands. Why the Horde don't get versions of these abilities I don't know. :( I won't need the next ranks until level 24.

I'm thinking Redridge is my best option since going there takes me through lower level areas. It looks like I'll blimp to Grom'gol and hoof it north through Duskwood and then Redridge. It's roads the whole way so hopefully I won't run into much resistance.

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Jim said...

Duskwood to Redridge is going to be a problem, as there is an Alliance town (Darkshire?) that the main road passes through. You won't be able to skirt around it, since the mobs will be level 20-30 around the town.

There is a work-around, but it's a longer walk. When you enter Duskwood from STV, you can make a left at the first road junction, and go into Westfall. From Westfall you can go to Elwynn Forest then to Redridge.

STV itself may be a challenge, since alot of animals path near the road.