Mar 3, 2008

In Soviet Russia...

The bosses beat you. :(

We had a rather disheartening Council/Illidan raid evening last night. What's supposed to take maybe 30min-40min took over 2.5hrs due to repeated wipeage. I brought 10 stix and 5 elixirs for 2 boss fights and they were long gone before Illidan finally hit pavement.

For the last attempt on Illidan, I made a healer swap. Basically one priest was scraping the bottom of the total healing meter. Pulling up her healing breakdown, she was using Flash 50% of the time. That's pretty much the opposite of what she should have been doing. So we're clearing the game and one priest still has no idea what the right spell selection is. Likewise, many of the wipes were because her target was dying. Yes, there are 4 of us total assigned to heal that tank, but a priest's job is to handle the big heals. Flash is not a big heal.

The most irritating thing of all is I've already talked to her countless times about priest spell selection. I've been beating my head against this brick wall since Kael at least. How many different ways can you tell someone to use greater heals and regular heals?

The underlying issue is I feel that healers who have downed Illidan should be self-sufficient and able to research their class on their own. I shouldn't have to do equipment analysis, spell selection breakdowns, or question their gem choices. They should be as dedicated to being the best they can be. I'm not asking that they repeat Elitist Jerks word for word, but at least understand the basic concepts.



Christopher said...

I've often wondered what possesses priests to use Flash Heal in lieu of their more efficient healing spells. Since I only have a lowbie priest, myself, and know not the delicate balancing act that is the end-game raid healing as it pertains to priests, but I think I have a workable point of comparison in my paladin.

Over time, experience has taught me that Holy Light is an excellent way to go out of mana. Every young paladin is taught (and if not, most certainly should be taught!) that a paladin with no mana is either A) dead or B) useless. Since I have no intention of being either of those things, in the interest of keeping the group alive, efficiency has to be a primary concern. I can whip out the big heals when I have to, but every Holy Light whittles away at my efficiency and increases my likelihood of becoming healer A or healer B (see above).

Both of my regular priest off-healers in Karazhan are guilty of the same charge. I'll look at their healing breakdown and it's littered with Flash Heals, sometimes 50% or more of total healing. Is this something I should advise my priests against, and if so, why? Since I don't have a priest of my own and therefore the experience on which to base a criticism (and therefore propose solutions), do you have any advice for me?

Jim said...

I think the correct phrase is "In Soviet Russia". The Soviet part is critical to achieve the desired effect!!

Those raids last night pretty much sucked. It cut heavily into our television series watching on DvD time. We've finished Heroes and Weeds, and now we've moved on to Lost Season 1. It seems really good so far.

Valyre said...

In Soviet Russia, the titles fix themselves.

The thing with priests is flash is fine on trash (where they can drink freely afterwards), but not cool on bosses. Sadly, healer clothies can get into this mindset that they have to beat paladins to heals. From there it's a downward spiral.

The purpose of a priest on boss fights is to handle the 3k to 5k damage while the other 3 healing classes chip away at smaller amounts. This is based on 2 things: a priest's big heals are the most mana efficient besides PoM, and this style of play lets them utilize the 5 second rule, which is a key aspect of being a spirit-based mana regen'er.

Using Flash goes against both of those since it has terrible healing/mana and it requires the priest to spam cast since the healing/cast is so low.

Before you talk to your priest, be sure you know when they're Flashing and when they're not. Trash is a significant portion of most instances, so looking at SWStats or Recap, which do total picture stats, can be misleading. The best option is to use WWS and check by boss vs trash.

I used to be a priest in Kara and have one as a partner. A quick "hey, you heal everyone with 3k dmg and higher" whisper to the priest has been the best thing I've done. It's obvious and easy to follow. It also eliminates any accidental competition since you'll be going after different fish. Just be sure they understand that renews and PoM's should still be flying around on tanks/melee.