Feb 29, 2008

I have Survived

Whelp, I managed to make it to the end of another week. Last night was the first raid in a long while that everyone seemed to be in a good mood. It doesn't really make sense after the fubar that was Wednesday night's raid, but there it is. We only wiped once the entire evening, and it was to a pack of about 40 half-nekkid belf chicks on the way to Mother. Of all the ways to go, that has to be one of the funniest. I wish I had remembered to bring the screenies with me this morning so I could post what it looks like to have that many mobs beating on my bubble. lol

I also expected some drama since I had the pleasure of sending out a "You suck and here are the details that support this..." message to one of our pallies yesterday. Apparently he did reply with outrage (which I haven't read yet), but caught up with me in-game to appologize. And at the end of the day, his healing has really improved by just changing around his spell selection, which was my ultimate goal.

While I was comparing my equipment to his, I realized I forgot to get the helm inscription thing from my orc buddies. Doh! Nothing makes me feel dumber than picking out issues with someone else only to find I'm not exactly optimal, either. So before the raid I made a qick visit to Thrallmar. This has kind of got me thinking about the minimum requirements healers should have before they expect to enter 25-man raids. Maybe that's what I'll cover next for WI...


Christopher said...

If you could indulge me and satisfy a personal curiosity, what was the paladin doing wrong that enhanced his suckage? You don't need to go into any details about the person, but if you could share the suggestions you had for him, perhaps I could correct any similar errors I would be making. =)

I'm glad he turned around and took the criticism well, though. Hopefully he realized that he was only coming under fire because you cared about his raid performance and wanted to see him improve. Having done that, the raid is better for it, and he's more likely to respond well to criticism in the future.

I never did see your "About the Blogger" article on WI. Did it not go live this week?

Valyre said...

The issue was he wasn't casting enough, and when he did, too many of them were Lights. From the first pull of the night to the last mob hitting the floor, a paladin should essentially be chain casting Flash. In a raid night, I typically hit the 1k to 1.2k cast mark on Flashes alone. Even if someone is only missing 500 hp, paladins are the best qualified to make that back up due to both our lower healing/cast numbers and especially mana efficiency.

He was also not quite properly gemmed and enchanted. Every healer should be exalted with Aldor/Scryer and Thrallmar/Honor Hold for the shoulder and helm glyph/inscription things. For this particular person, he could have had about +95 healing more than he did just with that stuff alone.

I am pretty hardcore about our healing team when I see a problem or issue, but it's all handled privately. My goal isn't to embarass or degrade someone, but to just be sure they understand what needs fixed, and the consequences if they don't. I always include consequences because otherwise there's little motivation to change. They can be things like demotions or just sitting out on raids. I've done both.

My About the Blogger is next Tuesday, the same day as Raid Rx. People will prolly be sick of me. hehe