Feb 11, 2008

Monday Monday

A lot happened to the WoW world over the weekend and I'm still trying to figure out how it's going to affect me. Mainly the haste and libram changes have me a bit puzzled until I have the time to sit down and hammer them out.

Last night we went to Black Temple to finish off Council and Illidan. We have a new recruit that needs vials, so the plan was to hit up SSC afterwards. All of the mechano-druids of white light doom went down pretty easily after the first couple. It always seems to take one or two to get the healers' attention that people could die here. lol

So we head in to the Council's chambers. Our GM is on a serious "full raid consumables" campaign, but for this fight I go buffs to the gills anyways, because we cheat on the healing side of things. One less healer on the paladin council member's tank ftw. So far we've managed to pull it off with little trouble, although my husband, said pally tank, still gets nervous. >:D

So we start up the fight and we're cruising right along per normal. This is like the ideal fight for our guild since it relies on both coordination and serious tank and spank management. We lost a lock about 3/4 of the way through but we battle rez'd him back up, np. Then we lost a couple of people to DC's. It wasn't a big deal since enough of us were still there to finish the job. Then the call goes out over Vent that the DC'd couldn't log back on. There was a character list retrieval error.

To make a long story short, little by little our entire raid got kicked from the game, 2 people here, 3 people there. The last person was booted with the Council at 1% health. Nooooo.... We fought tooth and nail to win and the servers just pwn'd us big time right at the end. lol We waited around for over an hour, hoping the character list server would make a recovery, but no luck. Apparently Blizz didn't get things fixed until about 1am EST.

So tonight it's BT Take 2 plus some naga lovin'. I'm not even sure if I remember how to do those fights anymore. :P


Christopher said...

Server issues plagued Shadow Council last night, too. We had a Botanica run going for a friend who needed his Arcatraz key fragment, and we were doing great. I even considered healing it with my fishing pole equipped, just for grins, but had some lag issues earlier in the evening and decided to give that idea a miss. Then, without warning, everyone who wasn't in an instance got booteranged. Then none of us could loot the mobs we just killed, each receiving an "Internal Bag Error," whatever that means. One by one we dropped off and talked about it in Vent. No one could log in to see any characters, like you described, then the Realm Status page said the world was Locked. ~le sigh~

Is it just me or do these problems seem to be getting more and more frequent? Specifically, I'll be getting plenty of cast lag and such. It may very well be an ISP thing, because Mel gets it too, but the oddest thing is that the little latency indicator has the audacity to sit on my screen and suggest my latency is around 120ms, when I stare at my character working for 20 seconds on a 1.5 second heal. Ain't nothing worse than a lying computer...

For what it's worth, when Microsoft's Xbox Live service goes down, people are usually compensated quickly and fairly. Two fubars ago, they credited us a free month of the Gold service, and the last fubar, they gave us all a free game. Blizzard? My money's on that they won't do a damn thing for us, and to be perfectly honest, it's getting a little frustrating.

Valyre said...

Well, if they did give a refund, I'm not sure $0.11 per account would really be all that great. :P

Shadow Council itself has bad lag, and I think it's because of the high-ish population. Scarlet Crusade never has lag spikes like the ones I experience when playing with you guys and we have less people overall.

Would that explain why your latency is good since it's the server that's tripping over its feet?

I think Blizz's servers are much more stable now than they were when we first started. I have screenies of our entire 40-man raid falling through the world not once, but 3 times in one night. City lag used to be unbearable.

But yeah, it wasn't much fun loosing at 1%, even through we were basically 3-manning it at that point. lol

Jim said...

I suspect the problems we had Sunday were due to a specific cause. Someone said that our Battlegroup shares a network with the Test Server and that was the cause, but I don't know if that is true. Whatever it was, it took down a distinct group of servers that are tied together.

I agree that the latency on Shadow Council is higher than Scarlet Crusade even under normal circumstances, at least based on my experience. I also attribute it to higher server population, since I don't know what else it could be.