Feb 12, 2008

Short on Time

I'm pretty swamped at work today, so don't expect anything of epic length.

Last night we downed Council after 3 tries and Illidan after 1 try. The first time in recorded Ascent history, I think the Illidan wipe was a healing issue. It took a number of ticks to kill off the Flame tank, and between his damage and ours, he just didn't survive. We have a top-notch healing crew, so this is quite the rarity. If anything, we normally out-perform expectations (7 healers on Gertie, for example) and run with one less healer than the strat guides recommend, even on progression. It's kind of sobering when you fail.

There's also a bunch of healer uproar over requiring consumable use for every boss fight. This has been the rule since we were working on Kael, but I got pretty lax over the past couple of months. Well, the GM wants to start enforcing it raid-wide, so I'm there pushing it, too. That's not to say I don't agree with it. I do. It's just a lot of drama we don't really need. At this point in the game, our biggest foe is people wandering off due to hosility and drama more than anything else.

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gt said...

I guess this would be a thing only with guilds farming Illidan and what? Maybe being in full T6 makes you feel slack?

I however feel naked without mana oil, buff food, and a flask. I think with dailies the cash to just AH it (if you hate farming pots or fishing or etc) wouldn't be that miserable.

On the other hand Simon Says is starting to wear on my nerves...