Feb 28, 2008

Sad But True

So we spent a couple of hours last night on Archimonde, wipe after wipe after wipe. It actually got to the point where we had to swap out the repeat offenders. I went through 10 healing elixirs and the same number of fish stix. People were getting grumpy with each other and the outraged whispers were flying all over the place.

I wish I knew the secret to why sometimes raids fail like that. We had one-shotted everything up to Archi, and then just stalled out. A lot of the wipes were due to people getting in the fires, which is pretty easy to do. Is it people thinking the boss is easy and thus not concentrating? Are they just tired and getting sloppy? Do they really just not understand the concept of fire = bad? Even when we won, it was dispite one death. Luckily it was a paladin, so the damage to the raid wasn't bad at all.

If you look back, I've had my fair share of wipe initiation, but I figured out what I was doing wrong and haven't had an issue since. There is also a noticable random element to this fight. For example, I got surrounded on all sides by fire then got cursed. I couldn't move and was out of range of the mages, so I died. But by that point we'd lost 2-3 people, so it was already a wipe. I've also gotten fire's DoT plus air burst at the same time. Bubble to the rescue, though.

By the time we finally beat Archi, we only had about 45min left of raid time. I petitioned fairly hard for us to quit and pick up things tonight at BT. I have this theory that by just taking a break, we'll come back strong and plow through content. I guess this means I just think people are tired and need some rest. There's like a 50% chance we'll see improvement the next raid, though. Maybe I should start plotting raid performance against the moon's phases or something.

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