Feb 26, 2008

Random Thoughts

There isn't much to follow up concerning the pw issue I had on Sun. My best guess is that there was just an internal glitch that resetting it fixed. I change my pw's periodically and I've very careful about downloading addons (meaning I only DL those that have a community presence).

With my WI email thing, I am getting a ton of spam now, but I really only check that email on my work computer. A few weeks ago I got an "Account Suspended" email saying I needed to click their link and log in to reactivate my account. Um... Yeah... Nice try. I'm pretty sure that I don't play on an EU server and it was pretty obvious I wasn't directed to an actual WoW site.

I expect some controversy surrounding my WI article today, especially if people only read half way through before freaking out and posting a comment. Mainly I just want people to think about healing and all the little tricks people will use to feel better about themselves. It's a weird situation.


Christopher said...

Great prophecy on your WI article, by the way. I read it for what it was: half satire/humor, half useful advice, but all blog (this isn't the fracking Wall Street Journal, here). By putting the useful advice at the back end of the article, you've weeded out the idiots. I mean, look at some of those comments. Well done!

Looking specifically at a few posts by "Dave", someone seems to piss in his Cheerios almost daily. I wouldn't take him too seriously, though don't expect him to return the favor.

gt said...

Nice call on the freak out!

Glad to see the password thing didn't evolve into something nasty.