Feb 25, 2008

Weekend Review

This was the first weekend in a while that I've been able to really play WoW, meaning at least +10 hrs of running around Azeroth. We mainly played our hunter/pally rerolls. I ran clear out to the level 3-4 Tauren starting area to pick up a Battleboar, which is pretty much the best pig name ever. He's a golden yellow with brown pinstripes and bright yellow hair. He comes with rank 1 charge and gore, making him a pretty great package all around. I think it only took about 1 of my levels to get him from level 4 to level 13. He's also got a loyalty level of 3 I think.

Yesterday, though, we had about 30 min before we had to go to a family lunch, and I couldn't get my password to work. At all. I started freaking out. That account shares space with my main, who has officer access to the guild bank. My husband logged on and checked the bank. Everything was there and the guild roster said my main hadn't been logged on for over 24 hrs, which was the last time I played her. I checked my email to see if I got a notification that my PW had been changed. Nothing. But it still wouldn't work. I could log into our other accounts just fine.

I ended up changing my password and running Spybot. It only picked up some cookies and a registry change I think I made. I have no explaination why one day my pw worked and the next it didn't.

Last night we downed Illidan after a few tries and then headed to Gruul's Lair. Apparently there's some melee dps trinket that'll still be best in game after the Sunwell comes out, so some people wanted to take a shot at getting one. Naturally none dropped. From a healing persepctive, it was pretty boring. My husband, an OT on Gruul, would stand in cave-ins to build rage but there was nothing left for me to heal once the HoT's got through with him. We also downed Gruul at size 6, rather than the 10-12's we used to do.

I need to do a WI article for tomorrow and I'm kinda stuck on a topic. I saw the addon people are working on Healbot, and I should give them a token of thanks. Geeze I hated trying to use that addon after running with Grid for so long. One idea I had was doing a raid addon compilation article that covered PallyPower, MendWatch, and the like. I also considered doing a funny article about how to lead on the healing meters. There used to be a now-outdated post on the WoW Forums about that and it was good stuff. Hopefully I'll come up with something. :)


Christopher said...

Level 13, eh? That's great! You're pretty much at the point that we can start questing together! =) Now all I have to do is pull Mel away from her newest obsession: The Sims 2.

Mel and I both have always been huge admirers of The Sims and its peripheral franchising. This, for her, is essentially what got her into PC gaming. For me, it's much more of a "this game is good!", which when you get to thinking about it is odd for males, since the game is basically playing with a dollhouse, but I digress. Between installing addons, debugging defunct addons, and trying desperately to get our virtual counterparts to have a daughter -- it took her three boys before she finally popped out a daughter, but perhaps more alarmingly, are these "hints" she's dropping? -- she's been disinclined to play WoW entirely. Which is fine, I'd rather she play something, anything really, than do something brainless like watch TV. I spent the weekend doing dailies, PvP, and a few battlegrounds (tip: AB loves healers!).

That's so very odd about your password not working. We usually change our passwords every three months. I use some crazy generation mechanism firmly based in the realities I've built between my ears, but the passwords come out obscure enough to rate as "high" security, according to my bank. Could Blizzard shed some light on the situation, perhaps, or have you put this squarely behind you now?

I saw the Healbot article on WI this weekend, and to be honest with you, I was thoroughly unimpressed. It lacked any useful details or explanations that you couldn't get by reading the addon's page on any download site. Hardly the caliber of reporting I've come to expect from WI, though perhaps I'm spoiled with your posts. You aren't afraid of the maths, which is nine kinds of awesome.

So I gotta ask: why no love for the Healbot? Having never used Grid/Clique, I can't say I prefer one over the other, but I do know that Healbot works for me. My one gripe is that it's hard to see who is out of range. Other than that, the mod's been good to me.

I'd definitely read an article on healing addon compilation, with an eye specifically on PallyPower. I've used it in the past, but found it to be buggy rubbish and ended up switching back to Smart Buff in disgust. I'm not familiar with MendWatch, what does that do?

gt said...

I have little love for Healbot and wouldn't mind to see an article that said the same... whatever you pick I am sure the article will be worth a read.

Hope the password issue gets resolved. Thats some scary stuff :/

Christopher said...

@gt: I try to keep an open mind, so such an article would indeed be an excellent read for me. (Is addon loyalty even rational, ultimately?) Unfortunately, my Google searches seem to yield mostly forum posts with little comparative rationality to back up the opinions.

In the interest of open minds and the ever-present desire to improve one's game, I'll happily take any "Healbot vs. Grid" articles thrown at me.

Jim said...

Sims 2 eh? I've never played it, but I'm sure it's a great game. The game I used to like to play in addition to WoW is Civilization IV, although I haven't touched it in a long time. I'm a big fan of the Civ series.

Valyre said...

There are a lot of little addons out there that help healers besides the big ones like Grid/Healbot, etc. I don't think they have enough depth to cover one at a time, so maybe next week I'll do a compliation.

The tricky thing with addons is in order to provide actual information, you need to use them. I've raided with 2 of the 4 healing classes, but that's still only 50%.

I went with a kind of oddball post today about how to top the healing meters. It'll pop up at 2pm, and I'm curious to see how many people freak out because they don't read the whole thing. hehe

My main issue with Healbot atm is I can't figure out how to add custom debuffs like Fel Rage for Gertie Bloodboil. I think this is a key feature that needs to be available. Asking a couple of people that use it hasn't given me any results, though.