Feb 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

So today's the first day of the Year of the Rat. Along with that comes the Lunar Festival. When holiday content first came out, I tried to do all of the quests that I could. You'd see me kissing people, making friends, throwing eggs, and the whole nine yards. But now I just can't seem to get into it. I did just enough of Brewfest to get my wopertinger, but I have very little interest in most of that content anymore. Maybe if they revamp them enough, they'll be fun again.

Last night I did a small amount of huntering while I was on standby for MH. I was having a pretty rough time of it, too. I forgot to heal my cat a couple of times and he died. Fel Reaver snuck up behind me and I quickly became a drainy puddle. Eventually I killed enough Fel Boars to pick up 6 bloods, and I continued on my path of self-destruction. I started working on some giant reavers when a dwarf warrior asked if I was on the same quest as him. I was so we partied up and proceeded to blow through the reavers, quickly outpacing their respawn rate.

As soon as we had finished, my name was called to join the raid in MH. Man were we playing sloppy. It didn't help when one of the demons on Azgalor bugged out and couldn't be damaged for the longest time. It took a number of tries on Archimonde before people would stop dying long enough for us to win. One of the healers was getting pretty irrate at people, calling them out when someone died.

In one particular case, a bunch of fire mowed down the melee. Then a chunk of them got air burst. Somewhere in all that damage, a feral died. The healer in question blamed the shammy positioned in the west for the death and subsequent wipe.

Now I can be pretty hardcore and unforgiving. If push comes to shove, I have no issue with kicking people out of the guild. But harping on people just because you're frustrated doesn't fly with me. I'm all about the team and working through problems. The blame game never made anyone a better player imo. Be contructive or be quiet.

So I talked to the upset healer for a bit, making it clear that one of the biggest Illidan farming guild killers is people picking on each other. He agreed and said he was going to try to chill out. I think he said he was going to smoke more or something. I thought about noting that lung cancer prolly isn't a good solution, but let it go.

We wiped once on Naj'entus and then called it a night after Supremus. It's not the best we've ever done, but we made decent progress for the first night.

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