Feb 6, 2008

And then Idiots will Populate the Earth...

I just had to share because... well... who else would I tell?

When people contact WI, either as a tip or feedback, the message gets emailed to the entire blogging staff. Most are pretty awesome, with links to the latest WoW news or funny things happening on the WoW forums.

But with the WI parent company (Aol) owning the wow.com address and it redirecting people to WI, sometimes people get a bit confused. We've had Mom's asking how they can shut down their kid's accounts, people upset they've been hacked, and people asking us to transfer their characters.

Today, though... lol This guy sends us his bank account information so we can cancel his WoW account. Yep, this person is so out of touch with reality that he cold-notifies a website with his financial info. Does WI even look like the website where you made your account in the first place? Not even close. Don't you think if you were at a website that handled account transactions, there would be at least a form to fill out, or a toll-free number to call?

The fact that we're a blog owned by Aol, which it says across the top, and not Blizzard doesn't even slow people down.

And speaking of which, a few WI posts back I made the mistake of putting my WI email adress on it as a link. Now I get tons of spam, most of which is of the "help me transfer money" genre of scam. Today I got my first pseudo-bank email, though. admin@ citi.com (note the scammy tell-tale space after the @) emailed me and asked me to update my bank account info since some suspicious transactions had been going on. Me? I'm pretty sure I know who I bank with, and CitiBank ain't them. But I went to their website, just to see how it looked. Sure enough, they had totally ripped off the actual CitiBank logos and such. And the login boxes were just calling to me. Too bad the actual website address wasn't even close to the real CitiBank's. Dumb. lol

So I go to the real website and forward the email to their scam department. I also gave a copy to the unsolicited email section of the national government.

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