Jan 14, 2008

Weekend in Review

This was the weekend of the hunter. I've been spending my time scheming for the past week, trying to decide what I wanted to accomplish with her. Finally on Friday I had some time to put my plan into action. The first step is to eliminate the elephant mount. Not only do I hate the color, it's giant flabby arse isn't exactly something I want to look at for the next 16 levels. I gave it a fair chance, but it's just not me.

So I'm up to 20,292/21k to get to exalted with Darnassus, land of the nelfs. Not only will this be the first faction I've ever been exalted with on this character, it'll open up the opportunity for me to trade in the lump of pachyderm for a sleek kitty. I've already picked out the [Reins of the Striped Nightsaber], the black and grey striped cat.

Which leads me to the second step: "converting" my current pet Furball into a big white lion (see picture above). In my twisted little mind, my pet cat and I have been through a lot together. We've faced the murlocs, taken down dinos, and hunted every last gnoll to extinction. I always keep her happy, and she always protects me from harm. She's the first pet I've ever had that actually stayed when told and doesn't sneak food behind my back. I couldn't just abandon her out into the wilds.

So my plan is to convert her into my cat riding mount (they look identical), per step 1, and let her abandon doing any more hunting duties. And since I never destroy mounts, I'll have her with me forever. :)

Step 2 won't happen immediately since the white lion is a level 60 summoned animal, the last in a 3-quest series out in Winterspring. Basically I need to do the first 2 quests, then summon Shy-Rotam, a giant bluish tiger. In a recent patch, they de-elited Shy-Rotam so I have to spend some extra time trying not to kill her while she AoE fears me every 15 sec. Eventually she'll call her mate, Sian-Rotam. This is the kitty I want to tame. So then I'll need to ice trap him while finish her off, and then get to beaming hearts at him! :D

You don't see many white lions around (unlike my current cat choice) because the only 2 models in the game require quests to summon, with the other quest being level 16 and Horde only. With patch 2.3, the Winterspring quest finally became available to the Alliance, too. The quest becomes available at level 53, and there are reports of people not having any issues at level 56-57.

Looking at the rest of the quests in Winterspring, I may be able to head out there next, once I get my kitty mount (no, I don't want the Frostsaber one). That would mean bypassing all the undead in W/EPL, though. hmmm... I've done the chunk in WPL for the most part anyways. At least Winterspring has things I can skin. I'll need something to sell to get my lvl 60 mount eventually.

Step 3 of my plan is to head to Outlands when I hit level 58, which should be soon after getting the lion. I agree with my husband's observations that the old world quests don't really have the same well-thought out design that the BC ones do. Over and over we run across either extremely dense mobs, mobs with too high of a respawn, or yellow quests that require you to kill 4-5 mobs at once without indicating you need a group (which you do). My husband's warlock has even run into named mobs that are immune to shadow damage. Not resistant... IMMUNE. Is that really necessary at level 25? I've started abandoning any quests that seem off the wall hard for the quest level. They're just not worth my time.

Other than 20 games of 5v5, my paladin didn't see much action over the weekend. I sat out on standby for last night's raid, and was otherwise on my hunter. Normally the last thing I'd ever do is sit out for BT, but I just wasn't feeling it. I was tired and just wanted to relax. And the last thing raiding could be defined as is relaxing.

Part of the stand-by aggreement is you're readily available should the guild need you at any point. So since I play my alt, my main is parked outside the entrance to BT and I'm in the Vent raid channel. But like I've said, raids are pretty stressful, so while I'm technically in Vent, I tend not to wear my headset.

This leaves me to hear what's going on around me (mostly cats yelling for food). My husband (he who plans to rule the world, one boot drop at a time) did go, though. And I noticed something that supported my "raids are stressful" motto. Everytime they would start up a boss fight, my husband's breathing would deepen and quicken. At one point he was like Darth Vader over there, while they were struggling on Illidari Council. lol


Jim said...

Me to Illidari Council:

*heavy breathing noises*

"You don't know the power of the Dark Side. Join me, and together we will rule the Galaxy."

*blank stare from Illidari Council*

Me again:

"I find your lack of faith disturbing."

*More heavy breathing, as I try to choke them using the Force.*

*More blank stares from Illidari Council.*

Me again:

"Obi-Wan has taught you well. Join with me, and I will complete your training."

*Hunter Z pulls."

Valyre said...


Christopher said...

@Jim: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eZBevXohCI

@Val: When it comes to big mounts, I've always said "Go Kodo or Go Home." Since that option isn't available to Alliance, regrettably, we're forced to look elsewhere. Draenei look pretty good on the horses, nightsabres, and talbuk, though not so hot on the elekk and the rams, in my opinion. Everyone feels differently on the rams and horses, but nearly everyone agrees that the nightsabre fits well and the elekk most decidedly does not. It's an unscientific poll, but I don't think I've ever run into someone who used the elekk by choice. Except a gnome, once. And that was just for comedy.

I hit revered with Stormwind last night on my 24 shaman, but only after fully clearing Elwynn and Westfall (save the Defias questline starting with Van Cleef), and only after turning in 60 wool cloths. I'm getting a little nervous about it, I won't lie to you. I have about 21,000 rep to go through in Redridge and Duskwood before it's mount time, and I'm not sure I can hit it. That's a whole lot of rep.

If you need help taming that kitty, let me know. =)

However, don't you think it's more than a little bit twisted that after thoroughly destroying this lioness, who no doubt was casually enjoying a stroll through the breath-taking snowscapes of Wintersprings when you come along and actively destroy her world. In vain, she summons her life-mate, for a final stand together at which point you tame him and make him your pet!

I also agree with Jim - the old-world quests, with a few notable exceptions, really don't seem to have the cohesion and flow that the Outlands quests have. Some of the Outlands quests end in dead ends, but it seems far less frequent than the number of dead ends in Azeroth. One exception in the old content is the Defias questline, which starts at a very low level and has ties to Onyxia and her meddling in the politics of the new Alliance. It's clear they had a lot of fun writing that questline, but what of the missing king of Stormwind? Are they ever going to wrap that up, or are they just hoping we'll forget it so they can move on?

Valyre said...

Well, when I hit level 54, I was already revered with Darnassus, so the 21k rep was all I needed to do. I've done everything out of Teldrassil and Darkshore, and 3 quests in Ashenvale. I've also turned in 60 wool, silk, and mageweave. I'm at 30/60 on the runecloth. I have extra on all the cloth I've turned in already if you want some. :D

I did some of the quests in Astraanar on my first pass through (lvl 23-ish), but as long as I can find 4 left over, I should be good. And if I can't, I have some in Feralas still do do.

The lion situation is even worse, actually. First I run around killing all of Shy's people. Then I use their meat to draw her out before I tame her mate. So that's pretty much insult to injury right there.

The hardest part of the whole quest is farming the meat. For most people it takes 45min-1hr until they have enough. With the final cats being non-elite, it's fairly anti-climatic from what I've read. They're just as easy as the 100 generations of kitties you just put down.