Jan 11, 2008


Last night was another blah night of raiding. Just like with everything you do over and over, sometimes you're on top of the world, and sometimes you're just going through the motions. But even the motions weren't always in sync last night.

It all started with an erruption between the warlock and many mages. Normally we have 2 locks so the situation of raid buffs isn't an issue, but with one starting classes, well... What had been some slightly mean words in raid chat exploded onto vent, with accusations of self-padding the meters. Yeah, ok, this has never happened before. We're a pretty low drama bunch and any actual drama is kept private between parties. We wiped on Supremus because people were concentrating on bickering, and not their jobs.

From there the rest of the evening was a wipe fest (except for Akama*) of bosses we normally 1-2 shot. We ended up not even downing Bloodboil, even with 9 healers in the raid, which is a rediculous number for us. Walk it off, guys, and start over on Sun.

*The new old Akama fight isn't what I remembered it being. We downed him once before the encounter got bugged by patch 2.3 (yes, that long ago). I can't view the video from work, but I can remember the feeling that we barely won and people were taking a lot of damage. From then until last night, the fight has been a 1 min zerg fest where you just nuke the boss down. There's some add tanking but that's it.

So going into it last night, after how we had started things, I was sceered. I dusted off the healing strat that I had put together 2 months ago. People were talking about the fight over vent, trying to make sure everyone knew the plan. Ready Check and the GM started the fight About 3 min later, Akama was on the floor and my husband was bumming gem cuts off me for his new boots**. Um, yeah... Not hard at all, and basically as easy as the bugged version if you AoE the Sorcs at the end. Loot and scoot, just how I like it.

**ZOMG my husband was so happy when the boots dropped. He's been waiting forever for them and that's the first ones we've seen. I snagged a couple of blue gems, cut them into +15 stam, and he tarted wearing them right then. The speed enchant could wait until later.

In other news, I totally updated our guild videos page. If you have some time to kill and more bandwith than 2 gerbils can provde (like where I work), check them out.

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Jim said...

We were teh suck last night. Hopefully people will play better on Sunday.

Those boots were an enormous upgrade for me. Soon my plans for world domination will be complete.