Jan 15, 2008

Kitty Mount? I has it!

So I finally got my striped nightsaber mount last night and it looks pretty awesome. :D I practiced running around and roaring at squirrels before it was time to log onto my paladin for raiding. I also did some leaping for good measure. The mount was only 8g, too, which is a crazy low price. I was expecting 20g or something. So I'm pretty happy.

Just to clarify on the white lion thing. The mob is level 60, so that's the level I'll need to be before I can tame it. If other people are doing the quest at levels 56-57, then it should be cake for me when I get to it. This also means I'll be heading to Outlands before I get the lion, and coming back to Winterspring later for it. No problem, though. Most of the good things in game you have to wait for. :)

Last night we did a full 4hrs of Illidan attempts, resulting in a grand total of exactly 20 wipes. This fight hasn't really been what I've expected so far. You know, it's supposed to be hard, but the randomness level seems really high. My husband (the MT) can insta-die from normal hits if he doesn't dodge enough in a row, for example. Also there's no room for error. If we mess up, it's a wipe.

Which means so far it's not a tough healing fight at all. If you're one or two-shotted, there's nothing we can do to prevent it. There is a DoT in phase 2 that happens every 2 min for 30k dmg over 10 sec on a random target. Assuming everything is going ok, we've been able to heal through it for the most part.

So after 4hrs, we made it through most of phase 2 (25% left on the last add) out of 5 phases. The remaining phases are a lot like the Leo fight where you alternate back and forth between them. Phase 4 also requires a warlock tank in FR, just like Leo/Kael.

I feel fairly confident in my healing assignments for this fight. We're running with the recommended 8 healers, and had a good mix of classes last night. The only thing we're short on is a resto shaman and we're interviewing a potential applicant tonight. Hopefully it works out.


Christopher said...


Congrats on the new kitty. =) And only a few more levels to upgraded kitty, too, so there's something to be stoked about. 8g for the regular land mount is the original price, 10g, take away the 20% exalted discount. Having never purchased an epic land mount, myself, I'm not sure what costs are associated with that one. Have you gotten to look into it yet?

It looks like you guys mostly have Illidan under control, which is encouraging. I know you aren't in direct competition with the Alliance guild that's at the same level of progression as you, but do you have any ideas how they're doing with him?

I have to ask: after he's down, what next? Can you put BT on farm or is that not realistic given the difficulty?

Jim said...

The raid last night was very frustrating for me, because I felt my personal performance was lacking. Greater than 90% of the wipes were due to tanks making mistakes while learning the fight, and I'm one of those tanks.

I'm main-tanking Illidan, and my job is to always shield block every time he casts Shear. If I don't shield block it, my maxixum health is reduced to 8,000 from my normal 22,000 fully buffed. This results in my death from subsequent normal hits. He shears rather frequently, and I also have to move him every time he casts Flame Crash. I can't spam shield block, as he is dual-wielder and the charges will be eaten quickly and be down when he casts Shear. So I have to watch his cast bars.

So all the phase 1 wipes were due to me missing a shield block on Shear, and thus were my fault. I improved my performance towards the end by changing up my UI, to make Illidan's cast bars bigger. I just have to concentrate on them really hard and shield block immediately when I see the 1.5 second cast for Shear start. When I see him casting Flame Crash, I move him. And when I see Draw Soul being cast, I do nothing. It's hard not to get trigger happy on Draw Soul, as when I see a cast bar start I want to shield block or strafe.

Of course alot of the time I successfully executed phase 1, and it was the flame tanks in phase 2 that were wiping us. For phase 2, I'm just a melee dps.

The issue is that I need to improve my tanking performance so that I virtually never miss a Shear. Phase 3 and Phase 5 require me to shield block shears as well, so it's my job to get that done reliably and consistently. There is no excuse for me wiping the raid by missing a Shear.

One thing I should look into is Passive Uncrushability. I don't have it, but I wonder if that would remove the chance to be Sheared. Passive Uncrushability is when a tank has grater than 102.something% between block, dodge, parry, and miss, so that he can never be crushed. In this case, I wonder if it would mean never Sheared. Passive Uncrushability is achievable, by picking up certain pieces of gear that I don't have and gemming them avoidance rather than stamina. You give up alot to to do it, but I wonder if I should be trying to pick up the gear to achieve it.

Valyre said...

I sent you an email, Jim, with some answers to your questions. The bottom line is unless you plan on hitting every trap at exactly the right time, every time in later phases, you're prolly just going to want to keep up with the shear blocking.

Most guilds don't even bother with the traps unless they're close by.

I'm more concerned about the normal hits killing you than you missing the shears.

I think epic mounts cost something like 900g. I don't have to have mine at level 60, though.

Valyre said...

As far as post-Illidan goes... Our plan is to continue to farm all of MH/BT on a weekly basis. Right now we can get everything up to Illidan in 3 days, so that's what I expect once we down him, too.

Then we'll start on the Sunwell once it comes out.

I'm not sure where Eternal is on Illidan. They tend to blow through bosses we struggle on, and visa versa. The real difficulty for Illidan is phase 2. Once you can get through it with everyone alive consistently, the remainder of the fight is supposedly easier to learn.