Jan 4, 2008

Sorry I'm Late!

Today's post is late due to the unexpected request for me to do the priest 2007 summary for WoW Insider. While it was sort of a surprise, mostly because I don't play a priest anymore, I agreed. Part of me wonders if they think I play a priest, but I'm afraid to bring it up since I've already got the article done. I did play one until sometime in the middle of the year and I've monitored the class since then.

Oh, well. :D

Last night we finished off the rest of the BT farm bosses and got some attmepts in on Mother Shaz. I noticed that Eternal (Alliance guild competition) is already at Illidan. I just don't understand why we can't seem to beat Mother. It only took Eternal one evening of attempts. Sunday will be Day 3 for us.

The MT (my husband's char) is taking crazy amounts of damage, to the point I spam Flash the entire fight. Like no break - constant casting from start to when we give up and leash her. The only other person that gets my heals is me and I alternate casting them on myself in case the MT takes spike damage. I'm using the mp5 flask, fish stix, mana oil, and I'm still averaging 3-4 mana pots per attempt. My husband also chugging Stoneshield pots like there's no tomorrow. We have 4 healers on him, too.

One of the issues, which may be the root issue, is our tanks are missing key gear upgrades because the items just won't drop. Both of our MT's have 100% attendance, but that doesn't matter if you never see the item. Both are using Gruul's Shield and outdated boots, for example.

We have a history of problimatic loot drops. I'm still wearing bracers from Kara because only one have dropped off of Winterchill ever. I'm also the only one with the piston trinket from Loot Reaver, since that's exactly how many times we've seen it. Instead, we pass out loads of cloth healing gear to the shadow priests every night. It's getting rediculous.

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