Jan 3, 2008

Glove Quandry Part II

While my analysis in the previous post is solid, there were a couple of holes. Namely, I need to know if 2.36% crit on FoL is better than 9mp5. While I'm never going to officially solve the effective healing for crit debate on EJ, I can do rough approximations.

FoL = 1.75 sec casts (allowing for lag) = 34.3 casts/min
Max FoL = 180 mana
Illumination = 60% mana return = 108 mana
Current Crit: 23.67% = 523.1 crit (22.1 crit = 1% crit)
23.67% * 34.3 casts = 8.1 casts crit
8 crit casts * 108 mana/crit = 864 mana returned per minute

mp5 => 60 sec/5sec ticks = 12 ticks/min
(864 mana/min)/(12 ticks/min) = 72 mp5

72 mp5/23.67% crit = 3mp5 : 1% crit

So for the S3 gloves, the equivalent to 2.36% crit on FoL is 7.08 mp5. The T6 gloves provide 9 mp5.

The extra healing done with a crit is 150% of the original heal.
I overheal for about 40% on average
+1 healing rating = 0.429 effective +healing for FoL

If 8 casts crit: 1.6k heal * 50% * 8 casts = 6.4k hp extra from crit per minute
40% OH = 60% Effective Healing => 6.4k hp * 60% = 3.84k hp extra/min
3.84k hp/min / 34.3 casts/min = 112 hp/cast
112 hp/cast (effective healing) * (1 / 0.429 effective FoL) = +261 healing
+261 healing / 23.67% crit = +11 healing/% crit

T6 also has +7 healing rating over S3, equivalent to an additional 1.57% crit or 4.71 mp5. So in the end, the T6 has about 14 mp5 while the S3 gloves have 7 mp5.

The real key will be getting more T6 so I can spec around the 1% decrease in glove crit. Then there's no need to worry about it really.

I've also been thinking more about the overall situation. EJ is all about the +healing if you're a FoL spammer like me. Keeping my current meta gem will push me close to the +2.2k healing mark, a number people seem to be tossing around as a goal. My concern is the Council fight coming up next after Mother. Apparently it's a tough fight not to need Light on. Likewise, I'm already struggling with Naj'entus and phase 3 RoS healing where Flashes just don't seem like enough. Even on the last time we downed Bloodboil, I cast 18 Lights with my nearly 100 Flashes. I'm using the mp5 flasks mainly now for the fights I consider tough, not the +healing elixirs.

There's also this whole camp of +haste people who both have a shadow priest and want to mainly rely on Lights. With the changes to the T5 set bonus, it's just the latest way to try to be a priest in plate, imo. But part of me wants to be that paladin. The downside is you loose mp5. Sure, I'd have awesome reactionary burst healing, but the issue is having enough mana on long boss fights. I got to play with the old T5 and its 1.5s cast Lights. Blowing 11k mana on a single trash pull was freaking awesome, but only because I could drink right after.

So in the end I've just proved the same things over again. I'm going to hold on to the Bracing ESD for now, knowing I'll probably want to replace it later. I'm also going to wear the T6 gloves since they're new and shiny. I also need some WWS data on them before I make any serious changes.

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