Jan 7, 2008

Mother Down, Huntering WPL

Last night we downed Mother Shahraz after I don't know how many attempts. The healing wasn't as bad as the other night, but there still seems to be a luck component as to where people will port. We also still have issues with people running the same direction after a port, essentially nuking themselves to death. There's also some terrain problems with couches you can't run over, and fountain fish that refuse to move out of the way. Why so grumpy about a win? Because I feel like we should have gotten her days ago. I'm also tired and forgot to bring the pictures for the boss kill news story with me this morning. /sigh

On the up side, we got some good attempts in on the Illidari Council. Yes, in my mind wipes were more fun. :P We tried to follow a Bosskillers strat, which called for a mage to pull with a pyroblast, and the rest of the mobs to be MD'd to their respective tanks. So we were all in position, and the mage goes up to pull. And gets too close and we wipe in about 20sec.

Plan B is for the entire raid to stand outside the door to the room while the mage finds the max range point to cast. We're chatting with him on Vent, and he's inching up slowly. All of a sudden we see one of the bosses move and the door slams shut. When it opens, all that's left is a cloth puddle on the ground. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. lol It was at that point that the lack of range increasing talents was discussed. All of our mages are frost, not fire.

So we spent the next few attempts improvising a way to pull the mage. There was also some issue with the priest refusing to come down off the platform. Compounding the situation was my accidental macro change that meant I was casting rank 1 Flashes. >.< Not good when you're already trying to cheat the strat and use one less healer on the MT. I quickly figured out there was a problem, but it took me a minute to get it corrected. Luckily the tank didn't die in the meantime. Tonight we'll be back at the Council, and hopefully they'll go down.

I drank my last mp5 flask last night from a stack my husband had gotten me. I don't know how many times I'll realize mid-fight that I'm about out of something, so I'll tell him about it. Everytime the response is the same: "If you'd just let me know in advance, I'd get you more. /glare" So I waited until after the raid this time, hoping that counted as being in advance of the next raid. The reply? "Well, time for you to finish your Sha'tar rep so you can get the free ones." /boggle Wut?? I'm cut off from free raid consumables and have to run a couple of instances to fund them from now on??? /stunned /cry (lol)

I made some pretty good progress on my hunter this weekend. I finished off the Un'goro Crater quests, got my LW to 226 to pick up Dragonscale specialization, got to level 54, ran ST (yay!), and moved my behind to Western Plaguelands. I don't know what it is about the Scourge, but I love killing them. Like a lot. I picked up my Argent Dawn trinket (which used to be a milestone of sorts) and went to town. I'm super excited about having a pet eat fears when I get to the EPL bats. That's the only part I've never liked much.

While I was killing skellies, I noticed a draenei pally out doing the same thing. For every 2 I killed, she would still be working on the first. It seemed like she wasn't using her seals or judgements at all - just consecrating a single mob over and over. I completed that quest, ran out and did another, and on the way back to turn it in, I passed her still working on that first quest. She was a level higher than me, too, making the mobs like 4 levels lower than she was. /boggle

I also took my husband's warlock through Deadmines and The Stockades. He's up to level 23 and I'm pretty sure he prefers that class to the pally he started. I grabbed him (and me) the first aid books, too. I guess that means I need to get into the bandage making business. He's also apparently passed me in cooking skill. That's a double-whammy because my entire bank is full of cooking mats. I just need to sit down and convert them from junk to moar junk. At least I have him on fishing. 161 skill, baby! /flex

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