Jan 21, 2008

Over the Weekend

First, here's a picture for Chris, who doesn't believe in Giant Jaina. Well, there she is. I have absolutely no size altering buffs/debuffs on, although I am a belf and slightly shorter than everyone but gnomes/dwarves. But not that much shorter...

This weekend I hit level 58 on my hunter and thus began my foray into Outlands. Inititally I was pretty scared since I wasn't sure how hard the content would be. Luckily I made short work of the local fel orc population, and only died due to an unfortunate tab out to check something. I've already picked up a new bow, helm, and pants. Theyre' various combinations of red and black so I'm looking pretty awesome. :D

Before stepping through the Dark Portal, I took the time to sell off all of the extraneous junk I've collected since my hunter's creation. Yep, I've never AH'd a single thing in +50 levels. Let's just say I've become a master of mail juggling. All in all my lewts have netted me about 100g. I was going for selling, not highest price, so things were set up to move. This isn't a huge amount since I need 560g for my epic ground mount, but every little bit counts. And I seem to already be able to do the daily PvP quest in Hellfire. Hoepfully I'll get my next mount before I reach level 70.

I also ran my husband's lock through Gnomergan. I hate that place. The music's annoying, the trash even to get to the entrance seems stupid, and in general I'm not a fan of gnome stuff. But we got every single quest he had completed and he ended up with some decent vendor trash. He also got his succubus this weekend so it was funny watching her run around all skanky. He's been working on the missing king quest chain, and when Jaina (the little one) shows up, the succy totally slapped her own ass at her. lol

In pally news, we got a number of tries in on Illidan last night. I picked up the T6 pants off of Council, so if I can nab the shoulders off of Mother, I'll have the 4 piece set bonus, giving me an additonal 5% healing on all Flashes. Woot! A set bonus that actually matters!

Right now I don't feel like we've made any progress over the last night of attempts on Illidan. What do you do when a critical person in the fight just can't seem to learn what they're supposed to be doing? It's pure luck how far we get though the fight at this point because that person has no control over whether they live or die. And once they die, we wipe.

I'm really frustrated at this point because the same person doesn't seem to be trying to learn what he needs to do. Instead he's relying on other people to explain everything to him, either feeding him location information or holding his hand through every detail of the fight. And in the end he's trying to find some magic solution via spell detail that will somehow make everything clear. Things that everyone in the raid knows, even me, seem to be beyond his grasp until like 15 attempts later. And it's info he should have known just from reading the 1k strats and watching the video.

The general concensus in our officer group is that I'm probably the most harde core about dealing with problems/situations. In this case, I say we have him sit and bring in a recruit with some experience on the fight (was there for about 5 attempts, doing the same roll and learned what not to do in that time) to fill the spot. Yes, it sucks that an officer would be replaced by a recruit on the Illidan fight but said newb has already shown he can survive longer and more consistently that the seasoned memeber. And in 1/4 of the time.

All of that being said, I've been in the same situation, wiping the raid because I couldn't kill my constructs. But the difference is I spent time outside of raids working on my skill until I could do it. I read everything I could find and practiced however I could. I watched videos and talked to people that were doing it correctly. And in the end I succeeded. All I ever see this guy do is play his alts. He's even said that he's burnt out on raiding and now takes every Wed off. So between those two things and the tons of attempts we've done with no actual progress, I'm ready to make the switch.


gt said...

Woah giant Jaina :O

No idea how I missed your blog. Its awesome hearing about a Paladin's experience up in the Black Temple.

Yes gnomer is evil. >.<

Being a rather new raider I pride myself on doing research and "skill honing" as best I can. When I can't see the same thing coming from raid members is really bugs the living heck out of me and we are only in KZ. I can't imagine how frustrating that is in BT.

Valyre said...

Thanks for coming by! Just try to read around all the hunter debris littering the place. :P

Luckily it all worked out in the end. :D