Jan 22, 2008

Illidan is an Arrogrant Fool (And so am I)

So after all of the QQ'ing I did yesterday about the raid member that wasn't trying to learn his role, I am made to eat my words. Nom nom nom. The 3 Illidan tanks spent about 30 min before the raid going over exactly what to do and where to do it. They mapped out where the eye beams would travel and what names to call the different locations so the phase 2 tanks knew what to expect. I made sure I whispered him after the raid was over to tell him good job. /crow pie

On the first attempt we got to phase 3, farther than ever before. There was just a slight problem with the dps group locations (aka Rogue, it's what's for dinner.) A few attempts later we were getting Illidan down to 51% before being overcome by death. After only 2 hours of attempts last night, Illidan took a dirt nap. And Maiev left without giving me her cape. :( I will now gaze at the cape for the next 30 min...

Ok, so after we downed Illidan, we had about 2hrs left to kill. While the suggestions of seeing how far we could get in SSC were charming, we ended up doing some sort of guild vicroty lap thing around Shatt. lol If you check out my guild's website, you can see a video of part of it linked in the news story.

Our Alliance rivals were working on Illidan the same time as we were. Apparently they're stuck on Phase 2 (just like us). It feels really good to have caught up to them, although it's taken over a year. Our server is by no means the hot spot of raiding, but it is the little piece of the WoW world we run around in. Beating them out to the top prize means something to me. We'll also have a few months to farm MH/BT now and get geared up for the Sunwell. :D

P.S. I want to give a shout out to GT over at Seal of Stupidity. Link on my blog roll? You has it!

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Jim said...

It was a great guild performance last night. I'm amazed we got him down with 2 hours to spare. It really did feel good to defeat the last boss in the game (at least currently). And I got a shiny new helm out of it. :D

Since we defeated the ruler of Outland, clearly my plans for world domination are complete. I hereby declare myself the new ruler of Outland. I have several openings for lackey positions, so feel free to apply.