Jan 18, 2008

And Then There Were 3

So I log in last night to see only 15 people online. I have very limited math experience, but I'm pretty sure that means we were at least a couple short for BT. The way we work is there's a 30 min window between when initial invites go out and our first mob pull. Now, most of the time if you're even 5min-10min late after the start of invites, you won't have a spot. So the trick to meeting our attendance (and thus DKP) requirements without having to actually raid is to log in late enough to not have a spot, but before the first pull.

With so few people on at the beginning, it was hilarious watching my husband crush the dreams of the standby hopefulls as they logged on 15-min-20min later. "And there's a DKP soaker, and there's another..." was quietly chanted as he slapped them with invites. By the time we were ready to pull, only one person actually managed to be on standby. And we made him raid later, anyways. muhahaha

This also means that we had little control over our raid composition, prefering warm bodies over empty slots. A couple of people with known rl scheduling conflicts on Thursday's did log in after the pull, though, so we had a bit of wiggle room.

I wasn't suprised to see lower than normal attendance, although to be honest we only run with about 5 people on standby at any given time. After the previous night's embarassing Archi attmepts, I didn't have much hope, either.

So we start on BT. About 20 min into the run, we start to see screams over guild chat from the couple of people on standby. Apparently some Alliance, also on standby, accidentally aggro'd Doomwalker with a warlock eyeball and wiped out themselves and our members. lol

In a crazy turn of events, we not only had a successful run of BT, we managed to one-shot every boss from Naj'entus to Reliquary of Souls (6 bosses/3.25hrs). This was with 3 new people in the raid with little experience on Gertie or RoS. I think this had to of been one of, if not the best run of BT we've ever done. Normally we're happy if we down Teron (boss 4) in one night. We also, for the first time in months, got some good lewts. The warrior boots dropped again, so our other MT is working on his world domination, too. The priest staff off of Gertie was quickly gobbled up. The only sadness was when we swapped out a pally for a resto shammy and on the very next pull the ring she wanted dropped off a random mob. /pat Z The new shammy also got another upgrade (cloak off RoS).

And the best part? We did so great that we could call the raid 45min early, since there wasn't enough time to clear to Mother anyways. Half the people didn't bring their SR gear because no one expected we'd do so well, and there's a ton of tough trash. We set a new personal record of 2min 11 sec on Akama, too. And I got to pump out 13k heals not once but twice on Gertie when I got targeted two times in a row.

I was wrong yesterday about the 2H sword being DE'd. One of our dps warriors took it. After a bunch of research, he came up with some spec that was supposed to allow him to do high dps with it. Sadly, it didn't work out. I think his dps dropped to like 600dps. But I think he gets props for trying something new, giving it a good shot, and recognizing that it wasn't going to work. He's going back to his old ways before the next raid.

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Jim said...

I'm also pretty excited about how well we did in BT last night. We didn't have a single wipe all night, one-shotting the first 6 bosses in about 3.25 hours. Now we only have Mother Shahraz and Illidari Council left to clear, and we can spend the rest of the raiding week working on Illidan. It's ironic what a successful raid it was, considering how few were on at raid invite time and how poorly we did last night in Hyjal. What a turnaround!