Jan 7, 2008

WI Disaster

/sigh Checking the comments for my last WI article this morning, I came across one that pointed out there were spelling errors in my writing. So I copy/paste it into word and sure enough, there were 7. One I know for sure I looked up and fixed one word, but apparently it still wasn't right, but the rest... How embarrassing. /red

So, lesson learned. No more relying on just reading the article over and over on different days. Ideally I could write it in Word to begin with, but apparently the blogging program keeps all the formatting, etc. if I copy it over. I've already made that mistake once, too. Outraged that I wasn't spellchecking them? Yeah, well... Mainly I hate spellchecking something I know is going to redflag all over the place because a big chunk of the terms I use aren't in the dictionary to begin with. But I'll just suck it up and do it.

As to the other part of their comment, about the lolspeak, I plan to leave that in. I find it funny. I'm not writing on WI to win some sort of vocabulary award. I'm writing about a game, one in which I type like that on a daily basis. One thing I don't like about most of the writers on WI is they make their articles sound like they should be in a newspaper. It's a blog. BRK and NMR don't sound like that, and I love them all the more because of it.


Christopher said...

Ah, the not-quite-as-elusive-as-we-would-like-him-to-be Grammar Nazi. Observe him here, in his native habitat. Notice as the Alpha moves into position behind the blogger for the strike as she sleeps. A despicable tactic, regarded throughout much of the intarweb kingdom as being cowardly and unnecessarily harsh, but is practiced still, nonetheless. Ironically, this creature is no less prone to spelling and grammatical errors and will often be chased from the herd for not holding himself to the same unreasonably high standards that he apparently holds in such high esteem. Without the protection of the pack, the creature will wander until he finds another unsuspecting blogger only to repeat his follies. Truly, this is an unique animal indeed.

Perhaps Churchill (allegedly) said it best: "This is the sort of English up with which I will not put."

I suppose I should confess: I'm a bit of a stickler for grammar and spelling myself, but I'm usually selective at whom I direct my wrath. Jerks, typically. I wouldn't call out an article author unless we could share a laugh in doing so.

If you really wanted to use Word to author your post, you could consider writing it in Word to get the spelling and grammar check (don't forget to add fun words like "Archimonde" and "Illidan" and "lolomgwtfbbq" to your dictionary!) and then copy/paste the whole thing to Notepad, which is entirely devoid of formatting. Save if desired as a .txt, and then copy/paste from there.

Congrats on Mother, by the way! Regardless, we no doubt mourn the loss of the best little whorehouse in Outlands.

Valyre said...

lmao Excellent Discorvery Channel description of the Grammar Nazi. It's done wonders to cheer me up. :)

My plan right now is to just write up the whole thing in the blogger program, and then copy/paste it into Word for spell checking. Then I'll go back word by messed up word and fix the errors.

The reason is I have to create so many links to stuff in every article, I don't want to loose them via Notepad.