Jan 16, 2008

Moar Huntering

Here's a quick picture of my new mount. Furball, scaring squirrels since 2008. ;)

I decided to head back out to the Plaguelands afterall. But before continuing my epic struggle with all things Scourge, I finally switched over to my new gun, complete with a shiny new ammo bag. Naturally, my weapon skill was about 80 pts shy of where it was supposed to be. Many a "Zomg l2notmiss" look was shot my way from Furball as she pretty much soloed the first 100 mobs or so.

I quickly hit level 55 and pretended my pact with the devil over learning to mouse turn didn't really exist. I was just too tired to try any more new things. On the bright side, I moved up into the highest damage bullets that old world General Goods vendors offer. I sort of vaguely recall that pre-BC the only way to get better ammo was to do something involving Ogrimmar vendors out near the BG queue people and Engineers. It's been 2.5 yrs since I've even played a character that could use a ranged weapon, so it's all a bit hazy. Hopefully these restrictions were nixed with the BC and the Outlands people won't have any issues selling me better ammo, at least for a while.

I realized last night that I somehow missed getting my [Carrot on a Stick], and with [Riding Crop] not available until level 69, I guess it's still important to get. So now the question becomes "Do I think I can solo Gahz'rilla, a level 46 elite, not to mention everything in the direct path between the front door of ZF and her?" I have my mallet and there are reports of level 60's handling her fine (mage and shaman). I'm just about level 56 and my cat's level 55. I'd rather not join a pug if I can help it, mainly because I don't want to spend time clearing the whole thing. It would also be a pain repeatedly asking over the LFG channel since the LFG tool won't let me queue for that instance anymore.

Speaking of instances, the next one on my horizon is BRD and I'm trying to decide if I actually want to run it. The quest loot doesn't seem like that much of an upgrade, although some of the boss drops are. This would also be my chance to get [A Jubling's Tiny Home]. I don't really see this frog around much anymore, especially with the frog out of ZA being so popular. Jubling doesn't really do anything but chirp when you click on him and eat flies. I think my rogue has like 5 different versions of frogs, including this one. So it wouldn't be anything I haven't had before. My priest has a number of pets, too, as does my pally. My hunter only has [Cat Carrier (Siamese)] but I haven't used it yet (and prolly won't). I'm not much into the tiny cats.

One option is to get the Alliance-only [Rabbit Crate (Snowshoe)], which I've been a long time fan of. It's not like I really need the MC attunement at this point, or Dark Iron rep.


Jim said...

On the ammo thing, you're remembering a time way back during original WoW. During that time, Engineers could craft bullets that were better than any you could buy from a vendor. To get the arrow equivalent, you'd have to get said bullets from an Engineer and then take them to an NPC in Orgrimmar to swap them for arrows. That NPC was in a building near the Battlemasters, as you stated.

As to BRD, I'd suggest only running it if you want to for fun. As you said, there is nothing you really need in there. I doubt the xp gain rate would be any better than just soloing. So the fun of it would be the only reason.

Valyre said...

O, yeah... My troll used a bow and arrows (sorta).

I'm not sure if BRD would be fun on my hunter or not. I've done it as rogue and priest, so I've sort of seen it from all angles (except as a tank) already. Plus I've run it a million times.

I guess the general feeling is I probably don't want to do the content I've done over and over. I certainly don't want to do LBRS/UBRS. I haven't done much of DM, though I'm not sure it's worth coming back for.

Christopher said...

I'm with Jim on this. Do what you think would be fun. Being your vacation character, and a true alternate to boot, you have the luxury of choice. If attunement sounds more like a job and less like a game, give it a miss. The quest content should give you a good enough exposure to the dungeons without becoming something ridiculous.

Here is your obligatory reminder that you know -- personally -- not one, but two Karazhan-geared level 70 players who could no doubt help you make short work of Gahz'rilla and all of his cronies, all the while laughing at the pitiful trolls' attempts to repel the horrible, horrible invaders. =P Just a friendly reminder.

Also, that would probably help me level enchanting with all the DE-able drops. See? Everyone wins!

The bunny is all kinds of adorable. I bought one a long time ago and named him "Super-Dimensional Hyper Space Hare Mr. Fwuffles." He's my tank. When I don't have my Willy out, he totally gets the love.

It's worth mentioning, though: don't pay auction house prices. There's a vendor who sells the things for next to nothing, and if you don't know where that is, I'm happy to show you.

I've got a small army of pets that I've collected over the months. I only keep the ones I really like, discarding or selling the rest. Sometimes I wonder why Blizzard doesn't let us have more than one vanity pet out at a time (like having Willy, Wolpertinger, and SDHS Fwuffles out at the same time would be awesome), but then I remember that my wife would probably fill up her new 20-slot bag with cats and create a macro to summon them all at once. Good God, that's some scary imagery right there...

Valyre said...

Between my characters, I have an arsonal of pets. Here's a list:
Clockwork Rocket Robot, Dragonhawk, Wolpertinger, Jubling, Brown Rabbit, Cockroach, Green Helper, Reindeer, Mechanical Greench, Mechanical Toad, Mechanical Squirrel, Siamese, Snowman, Tree Frog, Speedy, Wood Frog, and Worg.

Jim has at least Whiskers, Magical Crawdad, and Hawk Owl.

If running ZF will help you with your enchanting, then I'm willing to ask you guys for help. Otherwise it seems like a waste of your time to make you trudge out there for that.