Jan 17, 2008

And /Sigh

Last night was another exercise in failure, and a big chunk of it was my fault. We wiped for like an hour on Archimonde before finally downing him on what was going to be our last attempt of the evening no matter what happened. While we do have a few new people, about 4 of the wipes were because I got Doomfired to death. If it had just been a single DF on me, I would have survived, but I was having problems with more than one fire ganging up on me.

It took a while for me to figure out what I was doing wrong. (I have never, ever gotten DF that many times, even when we were learning the boss.) Basically I was trying too hard to be within the fear-breaking totem the shaman in my group was dropping for the MT. This meant I was too close to where the fires were spawning, and subsequently didn't have enough time to avoid them. Once I gave up on the totem, and just relied on my PvP trinket/bubble, I was back to my normal self.

I wasn't the only one having issues, though. We lost a couple of people to Air Burst and a lot of people were getting DF besides me. Then one time the MT got killed like 2 sec after running in to start the fight. This is one of those fights were it's very difficult to recover and win after a single person dies.

And per typical, the loot (other than the T6 helms) was pretty crappy. While [Cataclysm's Edge] looks cool and has good stats (+75 Str, +49 Stam, Ignore 335 armor) we already had one drop for our ret pally. None of the other melee dps are going to touch a 2H sword. It ended up getting DE'd. Likewise, [Scepter of Purification] is pretty much worthless and that's at least the 2nd one we've seen, if not more. We're running out of shadow priests willing to take the hunk of junk.

There was a bright side, though. Our new shammy picked up both the can opener mace ([Hammer of Atonement]) and some boots ([Stillwater Boots]). I also got a matching dps can opener with some pretty sweet spell damage on it ([Hammer of Judgement]). Still no bracers, though. /sigh

Speaking of the dps mace... I know my husband wanted it to go to Q, the enh shammy, over me, but after thinking about it, was he even allowed to roll on it? He's dps, not healing, and we don't let ice mages or locks roll on fire gear. I know we've let H, elem shammy, roll for enh gear before, but maybe we shouldn't have. It's not supposed to be based on spec but on role (tank, healer, or dps).

Plus I think I'd use it more now that my husband and I have made a blood pact to do our daily quests together. The red dps can opener has identical melee dps, +2 stam, -1 crit, and +88 spell damage over my purple healing one (excluding any ench's). And I think it's much more useful than the pure melee 2H axe I have. Nearly all of my attacks are spells, especially while fighting demons.

If I spec'd ret to farm, then yes, [Cataclysm's Edge] would have been better because I'd be relying on Seal of Blood/Command. But I'm a shockadin for dps, so imo spell dmg makes more sense.

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Jim said...

It was one of those rough raid nights. Hopefully we've met our quota on bad raids for the week. As you said, it was alot of different people having problems, so don't feel bad about it. Even if you did mess up 4 times, others messed up more often. And I currently lead the guild in most wipes caused within the past week, after my Illidan performance.

I'm glad the new mace will help your dps set. I'll help you get the large prismatic shards together so that you can put +40 spell damage on it.