Jan 23, 2008

Gear Check

Ok, now for something completely different... Actual information. I know! /boggle

Right now my plan is to go vanilla T6 healadin. I'm not going to build a haste set, nor am I going to trade the S3 gloves for the T6 ones I have now. One of the things I enjoy about raiding is creating sets of things.

The difference is it was a bit easier in the old game, since back then tiers had 8 pieces. Now with only 5 items, I need to find my own belt, bracers, boots, cloak, neck, rings, trinkets, librams, weaps, and shield. o.O Luckily I'm a girl, so window shopping WoWHead is right up my alley.

In the boots department, it looks like my only option is the [Pearl Inlaid Boots] from Naj'entus. They're +18 stam, +7 int, -6 healing, and +8 mp5 over my [Boots of Courage Unending]. The minus healing, it hurts me, but the mp5 should make up for it. Still no gem slots, though.

For belts, I'm sporting the [Girdle of the Righteous Path] from Solarian. It looks like there are 2 plate healing belts at the 141 item level, but only 1 that's not haste: [Girdle of Hope] from Azgalor. This will net me -9 stam, +19 int, +6 crit, and +15 healing, using [Luminous Pyrestone]x2.

Bracer is my saddest equipment slot evah with Maiden's [Bracers of Justice]. There just aren't a good upgrade for these in SSC/TK, so I'm left to fall on the mercy of Rage Winterchill for the [Blessed Adamantite Bracers]. And he is a cruel master.

Cloak? I iz done. My [Shroud of the Final Stand] is as far as I go. Yes, there is a higher item level cape off Illidan, but it has +32 haste instead of 11 mp5. The funny thing about that Illidan cloak is our new resto shammy picked it up this week. It looks great next to his Kara Chess shield. ;) Not too worry, we'll get him caught up!

My neck requires adornment from [Nadina's Pendant of Purity] off Mother Shahraz, givng me +16 stam, +14 int, +19 crit, +13 healing, and -3 mp5. I think that's a net win over [Emberspur Talisman].

For rings, right now I have [Band of Eternity] and [Naaru Lightwarden's Band]. The former is from MH exalted rep and the latter is off Mags. The BoE isn't going anywhere, but the NLB seems to have only 1 potential replacement, [Ring of Calming Waves] from Naj'entus. The net result is -3 stam, +2 int, +24 crit, +9 healing and -8mp5. Is the crit/healing better than the mp5? I'm not sure. It's like 1% crit and +4ish healing on Flash. Hmmm

Trinkets... I never seem to know what to do with them. I have [Fel Reaver's Piston] (Void Reaver) and [Essence of the Martyr] (41 heroic badges) right now. The Piston mainly provides 16mp5, since the HoT proc is normally overwritten by normal heals. And in the big scheme of things, 500 hp over 12 sec isn't much. The EotM is crazy good for an item level 110 that you can buy from a vendor. It provides +84 healing, with an on use of +297 healing for 20 sec. Near as I can tell, there are direct replacements for each, [Tome of Diabolic Remedy] (Hex Lord) and [Memento of Tyrande] (Illidan). The BT rep trinket, [Ashtongue Talisman of Zeal], is pretty terrible. It's like the Fel Piston without the mp5. >.< And while I'm drawn to [Tiny Voodo Mask] (Hex Lord), I'm not sure summoning 3 voodo gnomes will actually help. They would be funny as hell, though. Supposing that I get both upgrade trinkets, the net is +34 healing, +2 mp5, and the +76mp5 for 15 sec proc. Apparently the proc rate is 10% with a 45 sec item cooldown.

My current mace is pretty darn nice [Hammer of Atonement]. There is one that's 10 item levels higher off Illidan, [Crystal Spire of Karabor]. The net if I get the other mace is -9 stam, -6 int, -23 crit, +43 healing, and 6 mp5. The trick, though is the bonus text on the Spire: If your target is below 50% health, your direct healing spells will cause your target to be healed for an additional 180 to 220 health. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm don't know how often I heal people below 50% hp. I guess it depends on if I'm raid healing or not. Interesting, anyways.

I'm done on shields, with [Felstone Bulwark]. There isn't anything better off of Illidan for me. I've also collected all the Librams that'll help.

So there you have it. My wish list until the Sunwell comes out. :D


Jim said...

Nice analysis and conclusions. You need approximately 8 pieces, so it's gonna take a while, lol. Are you basically just going to take them in the order that the drop, anytime you have the highest DKP for them?

On the Illidan mace, I'm not sure whether it's an upgrade or not either. That crit mace you have seems tailor made for paladins, possibly enough to off-set the 10 item levels. To me it would depend on whether anyone else needs the Illidan mace more. I think most of our healers have good healing weapons already though.

Valyre said...

I think my priority is the boots, bracers, and neck. After that, things become marginal upgrades. I'm not going to hold my breath on the Illidan trinket.

I forgot to look at my ZA belt, now with improved MH/BT gem action! Compared to the Girdle of Hope, the ZA belt is -15 stam, -14 int (-210 mana), -5 crit, -5 healing and +10 mp5 with my normal gemming approach. That means the ZA belt only wins if the fight is more than 1.75 min long. With the exception of Akama, most are.

gt said...

Say no to voodoo gnomes! :P

Your gear list gives me great jealousy. What is with the spell haste fad?