Jan 24, 2008


Today I am not feeling so great, so this probably won't be like my previous mega-length posts. Sorry. That's how the cookie crumbles.

I finally got the bracers off of Winterchill last night. As soon as they dropped, people started sending me congrats messages. :D I got so caught up in actually having the bracers of my dreams, that I didn't even notice the JC pattern that dropped. lol I guess the other JC's have it, since I was the only one to roll. I ended up picking up a second pattern later in the evening, the crit/str one.

The ret pally that has been doing most of our boss fight videos is trying to put together one of our Illidan kill. He has been doing these dramtic, really epic story lines centering around his char. A good example would be the Archimonde video. Well, this time around he not only wants some people to help with some acting scenes, he needs a couple of people to do voice-overs.

Last night the ret asked me if I'd be willing to do the female voice. This was followed by /crickets then I laughed so hard I nearly cried. I get so many in-game and rl comments on how my voice sounds (like a 12 yr old girl), the idea of being asked to use it for something totally caught me off guard. He went on to explain that the character is a sort of ditzy blond with a "bouncy voice". /moar lmao Ok, fine. I'll help for the good of the guild.

In other news, the WI Raiding columnist is MIA until March (after only 1 article), and they wanted to know if I'd mind filling in. Um... I told them I'd give it a shot, but I'm not even sure what direction the guy was hoping to go in. A Kael fight breakdown doesn't give me a lot to go on. I'm also not sure exactly what I'd write about. hehe

Tonight my plan is to go a huntering. I need one more level so I can get my white lion. I also need a break from all the raiding. :)


jim said...

Haha, another WI weekly column. I'm sure that you'll do a good job with it, but it's more demands on your time and more stress to do a good, thorough job with it. Maybe I can help you with topics of discussion.

Hopefully all the other paladins will be available to raid tonight so that you can take the night off.

Valyre said...

I was hoping you'd offer to help me. These don't have to be mga articles. Just something to keep things going until Hong gets back.

I completely forgot that it's only Thursday. /sigh I think C has the assignments for BT, but the fights in there are fun.

I forgot to use my ZA sticks the other night. Why I just thought of that, I don't know.

Is it bad that I can never get the word verification right on the first try?

jim said...

Wow, I forgot to use my ZA sticks too. Wasted shots at Mojo. We should use them between Lynx and Hex Lord next time, so that we don't forget.

Hehe, you say you are doing the column just until Hong gets back. However, he only ever did one column and is gone until sometime in March, lol. I'd say there is a good chance he won't come back.

I've messed up the word verification before as well. The worst time was when it had two V's back to back and I thought it was a W.