Jan 23, 2008

Dear ZA, I Hate You

Tuesdays are my paladin's off nights from raiding. Usually after I get home from work, I'll load in for some hunter time, gleefully killing lowbie mob after lowbie mob. But not last night. I was the only paladin my guild cound get their grubby paws on. /sigh

You'd think that by being a MH/BT guild, ZA would be a breeze and we'd be rolling in bear mounts. Um, no. We have yet to complete the timed event, and last night was no exception. We wiped on the first boss we tried (eagle). Then in our rush to try to get as many more bosses down before the timer ran out, we didn't free Hakor. Even with the eagle boss dead, Hakor croaked when our 15 min was up, taking our lewts with him. /moar sigh

I also hate that this is a "real raid" and I have to use consumables. Last night it was an mp5 flask, +healing/+int elixirs, 3 mana pots, and a +50g repair bill. For what? Well, I did get a belt (lateral upgrade, more +healing/mp5, less crit), and our new shammy picked up a mighty fine trinket. A prot warrior got the shield. I need to get some gems for the belt, but since it's not MH/BT quality, I can't use the epic free ones. Which I just realized. At this very moment. :(

We also had a terrible group comp that didn't do us any favors. Two prot warriors, healadin, CoH priest, holy priest, elem shammy, hunter, 2 locks, and a mage. No shadow priests were online and the holy priest was blowing all of her mana. I was big healing like there was no tomorrow, which means I was also oom. Our dps was low, to the point the fights were draging out too long.

In order to beat the last two bosses, we dropped my husband's prot warrior, a lock, and the holy priest to get a feral druid, resto shammy, and rogue. So we ended up winning in the end, but it was a painful process. And most of the drops were DE'd.

The issue here isn't that I'm all just "QQ, ZA is hard. /pout". It's my off-night from raiding and ZA is very much a tough instance. It's stressful, requires some creative healing, and is full of ugly wooden armor. None of these things are on my list for fun times. If we were a Kara guild, I would be all over ZA but it would also be built into our raiding schedule. The way we run it now, it's little more than a semi-guild pug.

I also just wanted to decompress after finally completing my WI Grid article. It was the 2,434 word culmination of 2 weeks and many in-game hours trying to figure out the best way to explain such a complex addon. I don't normally talk about this stuff here, but I'm just glad I don't have to think about it anymore. Next week's article will be tons easier.

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Jim said...

As you said, the rough ZA run was due to poor raid composition. The week prior with a good comp we cleared it in about 2 hours with virtually no wipes. ZA is only worth our time if we can clear it swiftly and easily for the badges and occasional useful drop. If we don't have a decent comp then it's not worth the long night and repair bill, since we should be taking it easy on a non-25 man night.

You can use BT/Hyjal gems for your new belt, as long as it's one of the gem types that we have a surplus of. We've opened it up to that since we have extra.