Dec 3, 2007

Weekend Summary

Tis the weekend for huntering and an SSC attunement run for a new resto shammy.

In my quest to be a good hunter, I've been doing a lot of research, mostly around the common things like spec, shot rotation, and equipment. Pretty standard stuff. But one theme that keeps cropping up is the mythical "melee hunter". Everytime I come across those stories, I quietly laugh to myself and move on. No one could be so misguided.

Over the weekend I found to my horror that this beast is apparently real. During a SM Library pug, not only was the other hunter melee'ing, he also was rolling on +strength weapons. Honest. I don't run meters on my hunter, but I couldn't see how hacking at things with an axe could be the best use of dps. And no, hunter's mark isn't going to help much, either. At least he had a pet out. No more will I snicker at the fable.


Somehow, as if by magic, we've managed to get another resto shaman. If you do a search of the WoW LFG forums, you'll see that Shaman and Druid are the top needed class, no matter if you've just started Kara or are clearing BT/MH. We're no exception, but being in the middle hurts us on recruiting. You need your vials to run with us, but if you have them, why not upgrade to a guild that has everything end-game on farm yet? That's what I would do. >:)

This puts us in the position of having to spend 2 days attuning every new person in the guild. It's not the end of the world, certainly. But it does kill any progression attempts for the week. On the bright side, we one-shotted SSC last night in a record 4 hours. We didn't even wipe once on trash. Seriously. I'm surprised as you are.

Now if we could only get our GM to stop singing show tunes during raids. I mean, we were doing good! Why punish us??

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