Dec 3, 2007


To recap, I've moved my level 35-ish hunter to a new server to be chatty with my husband's co-worker and his wife. The co-worker plays a healadin and his wife plays a hunter, so I'm in hog heaven with the convo. The idea is for my husband to also roll a lowbie there, so we can be one giant love fest of conversation.

He's been having a hard time with it. He's never had an alt just be an alt. The only character that came close was the mage he rolled with my priest. The idea was we could aoe grind my way up to 60. She was to be my main and was needed in raids asap. As soon as we got close (50-ish), he dropped the mage and started playing my priest in his spare time, essentially double-teaming her. Ten game days played and I was in MC. And now the mage exists merely for AH transfers.

My husband finally came to the realization last night that he just likes being high level. And he likes being a warrior. Having both those things already, he just can't come up with a class he wants to reroll. He's in his nirvana already, so anything else seems less fun. He's long been an Achiever/Explorer, so I guess this shouldn't have come as a surprise.

But in the seemingly alt-loving world out there (which I now participate in), he appears to be a rarity.

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