Dec 11, 2007

Reliquary of Ohhh Crap

Last night we had our second night of attempts on Reliquary of Souls. Over 70g later, I can officially say we got him/her/it down to 11% in Phase 3. Without a single NR cauldron... And a rogue tanking it solo from 13% with 24 of his friends dead... in the dark... up hill both ways.

I'm still working through the stun of defeating Archi, so the idea that we could get so close (yet so far) on RoS is a shock. This is not an easy fight, but it at least seems doable. Kael in the beginning didn't seem doable, for what it's worth. I completely balked at his phase 4. Just tttoooo haaarddd!! QQ But we somehow managed to pull it together for a victory, possibly based on just pure will alone. Hardcore "Kael Blitz Week" promotions on our forums didn't hurt, either.

We decided to go with one warrior MT on RoS, so my husband bailed... err... self-opted out and decided to roll a human warlock on the new server. All I could see out of the corner of my eye was a bald guy speeding around with an imp named something like Sputnik. If I died early, I'd roll my computer chair over to see what he was doing. Mainly he seemed to be beating down some sort of human ninjas in a field. I guess ninjas like apples.

I want to talk about something else, like a whole post's worth, so I'm going to stop here. :)

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