Dec 11, 2007

Alliance is Evil, Sorry

I've had 3 horde main characters and a handful of Horde alts. My hunter is my first Alliance to get past level 15. So as I'm running through all of these new quests, I can't seem to understand how the Alliance got the reputation of being "The Good Guys." Is it because nothing you own is tattered? Maybe it's because you know how to build with stone?

First, the Exodar has totally corrupted the life on two islands, to the point I had to personally put down about 99% of the animal population. How can you claim to be a shaman after that? Yes, there are belfs there doing who knows what with a portal, but those tiny blueberries don't seem to hurt anyone at all.

Next, in Wetlands, some dwarf's wife gets nearly killed by dinos. Does he lift a hand to go save her? Nope. He's content just knowing via a letter that she's fearing for her life, but not actually dead. Heroic? Not very.

Nearby in Theramore, I'm supposed to kill insurgents. Shouldn't a bunch of good guys not have protesters? Then I pass around some agent's propaganda. And the senior guy in the North Tower is a blood elf. Do humans think elves all look a like? They're even on the ships, for crying out loud!

Desolace brings me to picking sides in a war by killing the other team. The irony is the Horde have the same exact quest. I'm also supposed to swear my alligence to the Scarlet Crusade. Have you been to SM? These are not nice people, ok.

As Horde, the only time I did anything resembling something bad was when the Undead made me help them experiment on frogs and dogs. And that was to fight the Scourge. I've planted SO MANY trees and put salve on so many animals to cure them... I've escorted countless people to safety and there are no Horde insurgents. Like zero.

It just wasn't what I expected when I rolled the overly-good draenei. But maybe being evil is something I could learn to love. The nelfs have it down pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Those are "High Elves" not Belfs. ;)

Valyre said...

If it looks like a belf and smells like a belf... :P


Sellia said...

The crash of the Exodar was caused by the Blood Elves.

And what is the Shadow Council ? They are not really Thrall supporters don't you think ?

And if you follow the quest for SM, you'll meet a guy who explain that the Scarlet Crusade is now evil ...

I think that neither is good or evil but they are both.