Dec 5, 2007

Moving On, Moving In

Ok, my posts of QQ'ing about lowbie economics are over. I've accepted reality, and a loan from my rich husband. So much for doing it on my own. hehe

So I joined K's guild last night (husband's co-worker). The interview was me talking with the GM for a little while so she could get to know me. I found myself pretty nervous, to be honest. I think at one point I even promised that I wasn't a ninja looter. Um... I'm level 37. What am I gonna ninja from a bunch of level 70's exactly? lol

Normally it's the complete opposite. I'm the healing lead for my guild, so I can be pretty hardcore in interviews, especially if something seems kind of off. I have no problem asking about why you chose a certain gem/enchant, or why you took a point in such-and-such. Our interviews can take an hour, if not more, over Vent. Do you have a significant other than doesn't like you playing WoW? How old are you? Do you know what Zero Sum DKP with Decay is? What do you consider your primary roll in a raid to be? If you're assigned to a tank for a boss fight, what is your normal spell selection? And on, and on...

Really, after last night, I'm not sure how people survive our interviews. I barely made it though "How old are you?" via whispers. lol I tried to cover all the bases that I thought she would be concerned about. I explained I was an alt, that I just wanted social interaction, I wouldn't be asking for quest or instance help, no ninja'ing, I'm not an emo girl, and I'll probably be quiet over guild chat for a while before I figure out the guild's sense of humor. She told me they didn't like 1337 speak. I promised not to use it, although my current guild uses a fair amount to be funny.

But at the end, she offered me an invite and a 3 week probationary period. She also is willing to invite my husband once he transfers. Yay!

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