Dec 5, 2007

Economic Adjustment

Besides working on those calculations yesterday, I also tried to come up with a game plan for making enough gold so I could get my mount soon. I'm willing to part with the leather, meats, and couple of greens I've accumulated. I also have silk I can sell. It makes me a bit ill to do this, though, since everything I have I could personally use to level my own professions.

So I decided to try my hand at deviate fish farming. Being Alliance now, I'm hoping the location of the fish outweighs the fact that you're just turning yourself into a human. If you're Horde, at least it's a non-playable race. So I spent 3-4 hours fishing last night and ended up with 3 stacks of deviates. I'm hoping those translate into about 30g. That leaves me with 50g to still earn.

I guess the thing that bothers me about this is the faster leveling isn't really faster if you have to spend extra time earning money and making sure your pet stays reasonably leveled up.

In a previous post, I mentioned my husband doesn't like alts. Well, he gave his pally another chance last night and hit level 15. He's also decided to transfer that character over to the new server I'm on, but my husband doesn't do "poor and suffering" very well. So 12 netherweave bags, 299.9 gold, and some Recipe: Elixir of Giant Growth's later, I think he's good to go. lol My 8 slot bags look pretty sad in comparison. Hopefully he'll share. :)

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