Dec 6, 2007


Last night my guild was working through Mount Hyjal, while I huntered from standby. I was listening in on Vent, though, and enjoying the funny raid commentary. They had finished the trash and were most of the way through Azgalor when Vent exploded in a fury of "OMG, what just happened?" Then there was silence, followed by a sort of half laugh, half "oh crap" groan.

Apparently our GM and bear tank had been doing fine handling Azgalor but his health had dropped kind of low, probably on spike damage. Being on top of things, he clicked his health stone. Only, he had moved his buttons around earlier, and cast Moonfire instead. With Patch 2.3's convienent auto shift on cast, he was suddenly both very much in caster form and very much dead, with Azgalor at 21%. lol

I'm not sure what it is about MH, but I just don't find it as fun as Black Temple. Maybe it's that the mob waves remind me of AQ, another place I not only didn't like, but actually hated. Or maybe it's Jaina's endless "They're breaking through!" whine when it's pretty obvious we have everything under control. The only ones getting by are being kited so your lazy npc butts will actually start fighting. hehe

With Black Temple, it's a lot like crawling through a dungeon a la UBRS/BWL. It feels evil, and per normal Horde, you're there to help out the good guys. Granted, the Akama fight is still bugged, so it's only about 1 minute 25 sec of helping, but it's the thought that counts.

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