Dec 7, 2007

Black Temple Last Night

We hit up BT last night. The new resto shaman seems to be a great addition. I pleaded for and got 8 healers for Naj'entus and Gurtie Bloodboil, which makes everything go smoother. This is the same group that had no problem doing TK/SSC with 6 healers. That's the difficulty step-change with T6 content.

In a surprise turn of events, I picked up a new cloak last night. This brings my total item level 141 lewts to 3 pieces: [Hammer of Atonement], [Felstone Bulwark], and the new [Shroud of the Final Stand]. With the new grouping for the actual tier pieces, the gloves are tough to come by. Priests have a lot of "the tanks really need this first" DKP left over to spend. hehe

I'm not super thrilled to don the bumblebee suit anyways. It's very 1980's glam. I just need some big bangs and I'd be set. >.< I'd much prefer a cool looking recolor/restyle of Tier 2. I understand that paladins are supposed to be all good and holy, but I'm a belf. I'd eat my own kids if they got between me and the cosmic windchime in the basement. Give me some tough, I'll-ram-this-holy-light-down-your-throat gear. And metal skirts are totally win.

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