Dec 17, 2007

Headsets and Guild Inductions

The big news over the weekend was I got a headset for Christmas. Yes, I know what you're saying... How in the world did I not have one already? Well, it all goes back to my nerdiness, specifically the fact that I wear glasses. Headset + glasses = pain. I also have "touch me with anything and I'll get itchy" ears. Add in a crappy integrated sound card.

So what did I do? First I got ones that just fit over the main part of my ear, and don't surround it. So far there's been minimal interaction with my glasses. I just had to suck it up on the ear itchiness. Eventually it went away.

The sound card ended up being the biggest obstacle. I have an integrated SigmaTel POS from Dell. Basically the pink microphone jack is there for show. Updating drivers, performing anti-hex rituals, and trying both the front and rear microphone jacks resulted in nada. With my "gaming" XPS 400 I'm stuck using a USB microphone only. This puts me in the "ZOMG, I'm compatible with YIM/Skype!!!" type headsets.

So I've had a desktop mic for about 2 yrs. It just seemed easier all around. But based on the cheers of joy I heard once my guildies figured out that it was me talking, I'd say I've been pretty garbled. When I asked how bad it was, "It sounded like your mic was in your stomach while you were shouting." was the common response. My husband also got mad props for getting me the mic, and the GM announced that it was actually a Christmas present to the entire guild, not just me.

In other news, my hunter got inducted as a Soldier on Saturday. I think this is one step up from "Nub". My husband's co-worker, K, got a HUGE promotion from Soldier to Lord (Officer)! Awesome! Now he'll know all the behind-the-scenes, dirty secrets of the guild.


Anonymous said...

USB is the only way to go, IMO! :)

I use my headset/mic for voice chat, and channel game sounds/music to my external speakers. Works like a dream! (And I keep my speakers low enough that the game sounds aren't blasting others through my mic.)

Valyre said...

My understanding of headsets is that USB bypasses your sound card, while the mini-plugs use it directly. Now, if you had a top of the line sound card, USB wouldn't be what you'd want.

But since mine is terrible, it's the only option.