Dec 18, 2007

Reliquary Down, Mother *Bleep* Kicked Our Butts

We swaggered into BT last night and downed Reliquary of Souls on maybe the 4th try. The difference seemed to be our tanks. One is spec'd and set up for threat generation while the other is designed for serious mitigation. We've been using the latter for the past few attempts, but it's been causing our dps to be aggro capped. In other words, you just have to go all out, beating him/her/it before they beat us. So we brought in the other tank (my husband) last night and melted RoS's face with room to spare.

Both tanks are officers, so this swapping was discussed ahead of time privately. It still sucks that the guy that spent 2 full nights wiping with us had to watch us win from the sidelines. Being a raiding guild is about being mean, basically. The tank's a great guy, I consider him a friend, and he's good at what he does. It just wasn't what we needed to win. And winning is all about beating the trick fights.

After RoS, we moved onto the bow-chicka-bow-wow part of the game. If you think Kara has some extreme ladies of the night, you ain't seen nothing yet. Beds, half-naked belfs, and questionable appliances filled room after room. It was obviously "Illidan's Mancave" as one healer put it. And I just didn't get it. Why would a female high priestess have a female harem? Yes, I understand the concepts of lesbianism, but is every evil female in WoW one? Seriously, my evil lair would look nothing like that.

We spent the rest of the night wiping to Mother Shaz. Apparently our Alliance competition beat her on the third try, and our spies reported back with their strat. Only it wasn't quite complete. Remember the post about Raid Strat Mentality? That was us for a while, and I started it it by whispering the GM. >.< I think I have a disorder or something...

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