Dec 14, 2007

Constructs? I gots em!

Teron Gorefiend is my arch nemesis. His stupid little ghost shrimp parlor tricks get me every time. He picks me out for slaughter, I die, and then I watch as all my constructs run to the raid to promptly chomp on the healers. While in the beginning pretty much every healer had problems with their constructs, I seemed to be the slowest learner.

It wasn't without trying. I loaded in on my husband's mage and tried to practice for about an hour. It wasn't an exact replication, though, because the cast timers are a bit different. I also tried everything under the sun to help me: mouse-over macros, special bars, key bindings, etc. I practiced walking backwards while controlling a pack of low level dogs. I practiced with bats. I practiced on people. And everytime I got constructs, I'd cause a wipe if one wasn't already in progress.

Last night I got called for ghost shrimp duty again. This time everything broke down. My shackle didn't go off and I couldn't get lance (damage plus slowing) to cast, either. Every single construct made it to the raid at 100% life. We were done and it was obvious who failed the group. This was a new low for me. At least in the past I'd kill a couple. At this point I was too tired (been a long week) to even get upset. My only hope was to not get called again. But in the spirit of "do something, even if it's wrong" I pulled my pet bar to the middle of the screen and turned it on. Adios macros.

The next attempt I got called out again. At the 20 sec before auto-death mark, I trudged to the corner of the room. I began spamming Volley, the aoe damage spell all ghost shrimp get. As soon as I died, it went off and I hit Chains to freeze them all. Got into the backwards walking position out front and used the pet bar to Lance them all. Another chains and more lancing. It all just came together. Two made it to the raid, but with only 1 lance worth of health. I finished them off before anyone died. I had done it. I killed them all. /stunned I even had time to run back and lance someone else's before my timer ran out. Face down on the stone, I watched the rest of the group finish off Teron. We won and I helped! :D

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